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The Six Fix: Power Women Style Advice No Matter Your Shape And Size

The Six Fix: Power Women Style Advice No Matter Your Shape And Size

You've probably heard this so many times, but cliche as it sounds, fashion is for everyone. No matter you size, shape, color, profession, or preferences, you can enjoy dressing up. If you need that extra prod to werq it in the style department, we caught up with the "I Am SM Woman" ambassadors to school us on all things chicness and confidence:


Gray and black is a no-fail combo. "I’d totally wear this to a lunch out with friends, or when I have errands to attend to through the day. The simplicity of the outfit makes it look effortlessly cool, and you can easily jazz it up with accessories!" - Dana Gutierrez


The LBD is everything. "My favorite! I love the silhouette of this little black dress so much, especially because of the versatility it offers. I can wear it with sandals, brogues, boots, heels, ballet flats, and the look adapts instantly. You can bet this will be in my suitcase on every trip, no matter what city in the world I'm flying to, be it Cape Town, San Francisco, Singapore, Geneva, or New York." - Sarah Meier

Fun and luxurious prints can take you places. And it looks good on everyone, so you don't have to worry about looking good. Stacy Gutierrez nails the look right here.

Style doesn't need to be expensive. "All this style, and easy on the pocket. Definitely time for a wardrobe update!" - Teresa Herrera


Being driven is one of the most fabulous things ever. "To be driven, it takes having a dream, it takes having persistence, being resourceful to make things happen for you." - Amina Aranaz


Confidence is embracing who you are. "Confident for me is when you truly accept yourself. You face yourself in the mirror and who you see who you are, your truest self, your most honest self, and accepting that is your confidence." - Cai Cortez


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