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Love Actually: Isabelle and Adrien, Schooling Us On Faith, Love, And Honeymooning

Love Actually: Isabelle and Adrien, Schooling Us On Faith, Love, And Honeymooning

Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat seem to have it all—individually, and as a couple. But if there’s anything that their tearjerking vows have made us realize, besides the fact that they are truly perfect for each other, it’s that even the most beautiful people and those who have it all together don’t always really have it all together. There are so many things beyond our control and while it’s so easy to give up, you shouldn’t—because as the new Mr. and Mrs. proved, immense faith and love will get you through the darkest days.

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The caption of the newly released slideshow of their wedding photos by topnotch lensman Pat Dy, couldn't have summed it up better: "Faith makes all things possible, Love makes all things work..."


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As we all know, Isabelle's father, Bong Daza, passed away weeks before the wedding—and at around the same time, Adrien also got ill and had to fly back to his hometown in France to get treatment. And as we ooohed and aaahed over their photos in Sestri Levante, where they had a quick pre-wedding getaway before heading to Tuscany, the couple actually had struggles of their own.


Isabelle and Adrien also encountered problems with Italian customs when the boxes they shipped from Manila to Italy were not released right away, as Isabelle shared on one of her Instagram posts. But all those did not deter them from having such a breathtaking celebration of their union that all of our hearts ache in a way only the best love stories can. Isabelle's vows included how grateful she is to Adrien for being there for her no matter how tough the going got.

And their honeymoon is a great peg for all newlyweds out there, too—or even just for couples who wish to go on a truly memorable getaway:


1. Check out all the top landmarks, of course, like this one where a pivotal scene from Hollywood film Letters to Juliet was shot (Adrien's caption is too cute, too!).

2. Don't forget to take couple OOTDs, too!

3. And try to take in as much breathtaking views as you can... even if you're scared of heights like Belle.


Looking forward to more beautiful moments from these life partners!


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