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Love Actually: KC Concepcion And Aly Borromeo Are Keeping It Real With Their Low-Key Romance

Love Actually: KC Concepcion And Aly Borromeo Are Keeping It Real With Their  Low-Key Romance

While not many things have been said or reported about the brewing romance between KC Concepcion and Azkals player Aly Borromeo, especially since the couple has chosen to remain low-key when it comes to their relationship, their Instagram feeds, however, seem to be confirming the real score between the two. And just by looking at their photographs together, we can’t help but swoon and get kilig as we ship them. Here's how they're rocking their low-key romance:


They get away to spend quality time together. Yes, as in away from the prying eyes and their fame in Manila. This good-looking pair enjoys traveling so much that they schedule trips whenever they can. Their favorite travel destination? Hong Kong! During their recent trip, KC and Aly enjoyed touring around, exploring new places, and getting on adventures like taking the ferry boat over the city's Victoria Harbour.

Here they are enoying dark chocolate ice cream in Central Hong Kong.
Enjoying the night at the very posh The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong 


"Priceless" that's how Aly describes taking this ferry ride adventure over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.  


Their common interests include living a healthy lifestyle, a good foundation for any relationship, if you ask us. One look at this couple and you can already tell that they both enjoy a good workout. Staying in shape is important in both their careers on TV for her, and on the field for him. 


Impromptu workout by my girl before Sunday church and dinner! ???????? Happy Sunday! #QueenWorkout

A video posted by Aly Borromeo (@alybor11) on


They support each other in their own little ways.  One of the things that can make guys really kilig is when their girl shows up to their games or matches to watch them, and that makes Aly one lucky man as KC, whenever her schedule allows her, makes sure that she's there to support him when he's competing. As for Aly, he proudly posts and re-posts photos of KC's recent projects be it a magazine cover or a quote from her interviews.


Their families are at the center of their relationship. If you want to know what a person is really like, look at how they are with their family. And judging by these photos of KC and Aly with their siblings and parents, it seems like they're are on the same page, family is love.


Knowing how close KC is to her family, seeing Aly get along with them must have put her in such pure bliss. Because really, we can't be happier than seeing our family and our special someone get along so well.



They know the value of just being there for each other, no frills, all love. And sometimes that good enough reason to be together and stay in love. 


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