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In Focus: Jodi, Cristine, And Angel Show Us All The Fun Blondes Can Have

In Focus: Jodi, Cristine, And Angel Show Us All The Fun Blondes Can Have

Blonde has never seemed more approachable. From the subtlest blonde highlights, dazzling gold and sparkling champagnes, we are now at a very exciting time in the world of hair color. But still, ladies, please keep in mind that finding your perfect shade is all about balance—choose cool, pale tones if you have fair skin and warm, deep colors if your complexion is darker. 

Here, we asked hair master and color expert, Eddie Mar Go Cabiltes, and he shares his tips when choosing the right hair color, "First, it all depends on their skin color. In our country, we have two kinds of skin tone, the morena and mestiza. So, if you're planning to have a lighter color like blonde, I suggest for the morenas to go for a strawberry blonde color because the warm reddish blonde normally suits brown skin. And for the fair skin, I always suggest to have a platinum blonde because it's fabulous and it can define features."

And just lately, we've been noticing some major hair trend being adapted by a number of our favorite actresses—Angel Locsin, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Cristine Reyes-Khatibi. So, if you're looking to go a shade bolder or completely transform your look with a dramatic color swap, look no further than these gorgeous stars:


This is definitely one of the most striking and glamorous hair colors Cristine Reyes-Khatibi has ever had (she got it done at Basement Salon). It's the lightest of all shades, and is best on fair skin tones or medium skin tones with a yellowish tint. But, before choosing to boldly go platinum blonde, better make sure that the color is right for you. Because it's going to be a lot complicated and it’s unlikely that you will get the color you’re after in just one hairdressing appointment.



The process: Your colorist will most likely have to do color and toner, and color and toner, over and over—and you might still not get the ice-blonde hue you want in one sitting. Unfortunately, there's no magic hair dye that will take super dark strands to white blonde in one day. It can take a few trips to get the perf platinum shade, and in between, you might have to rock a brassy orange shade for a few weeks while your hair recovers.

Bleaching your hair can completely change it, depending on your original texture and how often you wash it. Sometimes curly hair becomes straighter, because your strands lose elasticity and dry out. On the flip side, straight hair can get more voluminous because your hair cuticles are roughed up by the dye. These changes might throw you for a loop if you're used to styling your hair a certain way, and they may not happen overnight.

Remember that in the end, it's just hair. Sure, going platinum is a commitment, but hair grows back! It can be dyed and cut and worn in ponytails for a few weeks until you're loving it again. So have fun with your hair until you're ready for the next big change. 


Although she's never one to shy away from a hair risk, Angel Locsin is the most unexpected new member of the blonde club. Angel took her brown locks lighter for her role in the upcoming movie, The Third Party with actors Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo. And, did you know that, the mix of sandy and bright-blond tones makes this the most natural-looking blonde hue? Because it can be a bit ashy, it’s best on fairer complexions, rather than tan or darker skin tones. 


Natural or dyed, golden blonde hair is a real winner! This classic blonde of Jodi Sta. Maria with light, pale highlights absolutely creates a youthful, beachy effect as it complements cool, blue undertones in the skin and brightens the face in effect. Since golden blonde comes in various shades just like other colors, you can find the right hue for many hair types, too. Common colorations for example distinguish between light, warm, and dark golden blonde. The latter is ideal for darker hair that is refined with a premium golden sheen. And of course, don't forget, these precious treasures need good protection, too!



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