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Daily Diaries: 8 Memes That Spawned From Convicted Robber Herbert Colanggo's Testimony

Daily Diaries: 8 Memes That Spawned From Convicted Robber Herbert Colanggo's Testimony

The war on drugs in our midst today is no laughing matter, with President Rodrigo Duterte hell bent on making the country clean from these illegal substances destroying the lives of countless Filipinos. Yet in the midst of this “drug war,” people still can help but find a bright light, turning statements from the hearings into hilarious memes.

Case in point: The testimony of convicted robber Herbert Colanggo at the House of Representatives, where he revealed details about Sen. Leila de Lima’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade. Some of Colanggo’s statements were so amusing, they were transformed into memes immediately. Here are a few posts that got our attention in understanding the extent of the country's drug problem:


1. How Colanggo described the Maximum security compound of New Bilibid Prison (NBP):



2. When Colanggo talked about his pricing for cases of beer inside NBP:


3. When we remember the fact that Colanggo was a recording artist (with a platinum record to boot) while INSIDE NBP:


4. And that his album is available on Spotify and iTunes:


Yes, you can actually buy his album over iTunes, no joke:


5. When Colanggo revealed the alleged cellphone number of de Lima:


6. When De Lima realized that she needs help, following Colanggo's incriminating statements:


7. After Colanggo dropped his now-viral “Attorney, ang resibo” statement during the  hearing:


That's the convict life, ladies and gentlemen:


8. Wrapping up Colanggo's life as a convict:


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Artwork by Jana Jimenez. Banner photograph screengrabbed from Herbert Colangco's "Akala Mo Lang Yun" music video. Photographs from Duterte Memes, The Thinking Pinoy, Manila Memes, President Duterte Memes, and PRRD News Facebook pages.




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