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Daily Diaries: Brangelina's Divorce Broke Hearts The World Over

Daily Diaries: Brangelina's Divorce Broke Hearts The World Over

Well, most of us did not see this one coming.  Not even George Clooney:


The Hollywood power couple, best known for setting the bar for relationships (#couplepeg, yeah?) and for their philanthropic efforts around the world, shocked everyone with a divorce announcement from Angelina, two years after getting married, and 12 years after being together.

While are many speculations about why the picture perfect couple (along with six of their children) has called it quits, including cheating allegations, sources point to Pitt and Jolie’s conflicting views on how they manage their money, along with concerns involving their children, as Jolie’s father Jon Voight said in an interview with Radar Online, to be the real causes of the breakup.

Everyone was just taken aback by this major news: In the Hollywood scene, Alyssa Milano, Chrissy Teigen, and Patton Oswalt are having a hard time accepting it: 




Meanwhile in the local scene, blogger Verniece Enciso, radio DJ Slick Rick, actress-host Sarah Carlos, and satire blogger Professional Heckler share their sentiments over Twitter:




And those on #TeamJennifer? They. Are. Rejoicing.



Then again, Mrs. Theroux has been mum so far.


But really, it's comedienne Ethel Booba who puts things in perspective:


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