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Daily Diaries: These Photos Of Amarah Khatibi Hint At A Possible Superstar Future

Daily Diaries: These Photos Of Amarah Khatibi Hint At A Possible Superstar Future

They say good genes are hereditary, and for Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi this couldn’t be more true as their unica hija Amarah is just too cute for words. The resemblance between her and her hot-looking parents is just undeniable, that you could pretty much guess whose daughter she is even without prior knowledge of her parentage. But while it’s pretty obvious that she inherited her parents’ beautiful DNA, it seems like she may have also gotten their talent and interests, too. And even though it's a little bit early to tell which of her parents’ footsteps she will follow, these photos are proof of her early inclinations towards the spotlight, which loves her equally so:


She doesn't shy away from camera. Unlike other babies who throw tantrums when in front of the camera, Amarah doesn't seem to mind it, in fact looking cute and pretty in pictures seems so natural to her, something which she has gotten from her mom Cristine. And these photos show how much the camera loves her. 




She's got the style fit for a celebrity. You know those babies and toddlers on the internet looking dapper and stylish who we love seeing? Well Amarah is one of them. Even at such a young age, she seems to know what's in and what's not (with a little coaching from her mom, of course). Here she is nailing the off-shoulder trend.



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She's learning Jiu Jitsu early. One of the perks of having a mixed martial arts athlete for a dad is that you get free private training sessions quite early in your life, and though she probably won't remember any of the moves for now, it's to her advantage that she's already got a head start, thanks to dad!



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She enjoys the outdoors. If you're going to look at Ali and Crisitine's Instagram feeds, it's pretty obvious that they both love the beach, or the outdoors in general. And Amarah is no different: This cutie patootie enjoys playing in the sand and a quick dip in the pool and looks oh-so-adorable doing it.


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