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Daily Diaries: Adorable Celebrity Father-Daughter Moments To Melt Your Hearts

Daily Diaries: Adorable Celebrity Father-Daughter Moments To Melt Your Hearts

Often when we talk about family, we talk about our relationships with our parents. And, father and child moments are definitely some of the cutest moments captured on camera. It's a special bond, which can't be described in words and can surely melt even the coldest of hearts.

Here, we gathered the fun ways dads spend their extra time with their little ones. Check out some of the most adorable daddy-daughter celebrity moments that we found on Instagram:


1. Hayden Kho and Scarlet Snow Belo. Look at this baby girl enjoying a moment of cuddle with her dad. And, why not try to find a good book and a quiet corner? Get swept up in a good story together and maybe a dream will be born. 


2. Richard Gutierrez and Zion Gutierrez. Richard was definitely enjoying his time on the yacht off the coast with his son, baby Zion. It really doesn’t have to be some amazing, unforgettable journey. But it's simply just to get in the habit of having your little one join you.

3. Ali Khatibi and Amarah Khatibi. Amarah shares a cute moment with her dad while sitting on a bench, one fine sunny day. And if there's a park nearby? You might also want to go for a walk and surprise her with a blanket and picnic lunch.

4. Chris Tiu and Amanda Claire Tiu. While some parents don't know much about social media, there are other parents out there who know a little too much about it, like Chris Tiu who loves taking selfies with his newborn, and it's just the cutest thing ever! 


5. Jun Sunga and Isabelle Sunga. Jun took his adorable little girl Isablle out on a lunch date! And even more, if you consider yourself a foodie dad, why not go for a cooking lesson with her to show your kids how fun healthy eating can be?


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