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Cheat Sheet: Cocktail Recos From A World Class Expert For Every Relationship Status

Cheat Sheet: Cocktail Recos From A World Class Expert For Every Relationship Status

With all that’s happening in our lives, a good drink will always sound good, but the only trouble is, while some people know exactly what they want, there are also those who aren’t as familiar with all the cocktails and drinks on the bar list.

There are cocktails that go with your personality, there are drinks that match your mood, there are spirits that suit your current status, and finding the right one can totally change the game for you. And if you have ever been asked the question "Can I get you drink?" only to find yourself at a loss for words, not knowing what to say, we caught up with our country's representative to the Diageo Reserve World Class 2016, Michael Tubiera, and he’s got these recos for you:

   “Sibu” is a lechon-inspired cocktail made with Ketel One Vodka.  

For all the single ladies. “I think I would go with the classic cocktails here, like the Pink lady or a White lady, it’s a simple cocktail but it has the balance of the citrus and the alcohol which I think a single lady would enjoy.”

For the broken-hearted. “I want to give her something mellow, something that will kinda lessen the sadness, I'll go with a simple whisky sour, that will do.”

For those wanting to impress the ladies. "Of course we have to use premium products like what Diageo has. Like for me, if I'm trying to impress a lady I would make her more on the sweet side, I'd giver her a Clover Club which is also Tanqueray gin-based cocktail, with lemon juice, sugar, Raspberry puree, which gives it a red color that makes it a very attractive drink for the ladies."

For the adventurous soul.“I’d go more with the lechon-inspired cocktail Sibu, it’s a mixture of Diageo’s Ketel One vodka, roasted pineapple shrub, lemongrass and Peppercorn syrup, lemon juice, saline solution, and pork demi-glace that captures savory flavor our lechon have been known for. It sounds weird, but it's also something different."

Sibu is just one of the over 20 cocktails Tubiera is presenting in Miami for the competition where he will be up against 59 other world champions, each with unique concotions up their sleeves. Try these concoctions, or if you're feeling edgy, why not experiment with ingredients to come up with your own?


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