Daily Diaries: Yes, The Days Of Trolls, Hoax News, And Bashers Are Numbered

Daily Diaries: Yes, The Days Of Trolls, Hoax News, And Bashers Are Numbered

While social media has been helpful in connecting people, like most other things, it has its share of misgivings, and perhaps the most talked about would be hate commenting and the trolls proliferating various social media platforms.

These days, it doesn't really come as a surprise to receive insults from anonymous users, receive death threats in private messages, or see the proliferation of totally miscontextualized or sensationalized "viral" stories. The good news is (thank heavens!), major social media platforms are stepping up in controlling these unwanted remarks.

Instagram's latest feature is a big step for the social media platform in terms of battling bashers.


Instagram, for one, has publicly introduced the filter comments feature, which is based on a user’s list of words deemed to be offensive. How helpful is this feature? For both celebrities and regular people, this means getting to protect ourselves from body shaming and slut shaming comments, unsolicited promos, and spam comments (like those promoting an increase in followers for a certain amount).

For a while, Jessy chose to put her Instagram page on private, following the number of bashers leaving negative comments on her page after she was declared the sexiest woman for this year by FHM Magazine.


Facebook, Twitter, and Google, for their part, are collaborating to help users determine fake news easier through a set of tools. Given that a good number of hoax news have spread like wildfire on the aforementioned social media platforms, this collaboration is a major step towards eradicating misinformation from the internet.


But of course, users should also do their part. Aside from making good use of these new features, we should all still practice responsible use of social media and respectful interactions with our fellow netizens.


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