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In Focus: Get to Know Joe Dempsie Beyond His Persona As Game of Thrones' Gendry

In Focus: Get to Know Joe Dempsie Beyond His Persona As Game of Thrones' Gendry

If only the Philippines experiences the four seasons, we can almost say that indeed, winter is here (hello, -ber months!). But even without the snow and the direwolves and the godswood and Jon Snow with all his glorious looks, what we had is so much more of what our fan self can take–Joe Dempsie AKA Gendry of the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones rowed his way to Manila last August for the Asiapop Comic Con 2016!

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Thank the old gods and the new that he’s able to hit the shores of Manila before snow (or typhoon, in our country’s case) arrived—just in time to meet legions of fans, not just of Thrones but also his loyal followers since Skins.

During his brief stay in Manila, we got to know Joe beyond his famous characters. For one, how he is as an actor in all the roles he played. “I see them as a challenge. I try to empathize as much as I can and immerse myself in the script more than anything. That’s the easiest way for me to access that emotion,” he shares. And two, how he, just like anyone is a geek in their own unique (or weird) ways. And oh, he’s a Kanye fan, which definitely added to things we love about Joe Dempsie.

If you still can’t get over and enough of him, immerse yourself in the faces of Joe—here are five characters that stuck to him throughout his acting career. And oh, yes, these will be on your to-watch-this-weekend list (if you still haven’t seen them, that is!).


1. Chris Miles (Skins). For Joe, he’s the most memorable character ever. “I think Chris is the character I’ve always felt quite attached to personally, and who I also think was just a joy to play because he was so complex. His whole life has been turbulent but he remained optimistic, which I admired about him. It was the first major thing I did; he may forever be the character that defines my career.”


2. Gendry (Game of Thrones). His character may or may not appear in the next season of Thrones, but you’ve got to admire Gendry’s strength and abilities—he won’t survive if he’s not good, will he? [related: The Six Fix: Reasons Why Game of Thrones is A Phenomenon]


3. Higgy (This Is England '86). When you get to see a light and fun version of Joe—and learn that a few laughs is what the world needs, every now and then.


4. Chris Cooper (Southcliffe). Watch this when you need to be reminded to fight—and live, and continue to do so.


5. Jaime King (The Gamechangers). Be the geek that you are—watch Joe as the VP of Rockstar Games in this GTA-inspired docu.


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