In Focus: We'll Take You On A Tour Of Piolo Pascual's Three Homes In The City

In Focus: We'll Take You On A Tour Of Piolo Pascual's Three Homes In The City



As Starstudio Magazine has found out, Piolo Pascual has a penchant for the simple, and loves to keep his different homes organized, reflecting his lifestyle as a style icon and an athlete.

Even if Piolo's QC condominium measures 175 square meters (trivia: the place is made up of three units), no space is wasted, as it showcases Piolo's various personas.


In Starstudio Magazine’s January 2014 issue, Piolo opened his doors to two of his homes: A loft at a high-rise building in Makati, and a condominium unit at a residential area in Quezon City, near ABS-CBN. Piolo lives in his Makati residence for its view of the city, while he loves his Quezon City residence for being able to blend in with his neighbors with anonymity. “I like to be situated in a place where there is a big community on the side and no one will ever think that I actually live here,” Piolo said.

While they are situated in different neighborhoods, both houses exude simplicity and sophistication—two characteristics that also describe Piolo’s overall personality.

Piolo's QC home is decorated in mostly neutral colors leaning on the lighter side of the spectrum, helping in creating an illusion of a spacious home in the process.


His home in Makati meanwhile makes use of blacks: A perfect complement to the view of the Makati skyline.


“I wanted it to be minimalist and very earthy, so we used a lot of wood pieces from Vigan. I wanted it really subtle,” Piolo explains on how he wanted his Quezon City condo designed. Such design elements were carried over to his Makati loft, which also has wood decor.

Elements of wood, like these wooden cabinets, can be found in both of Piolo's homes.


Speaking of lifestyle, the area of both Piolo’s QC and Makati homes (measuring 175 square meters and 120 square meters, respectively) is large enough for him to house some of his bikes, and in his QC home, his own personal gym.

Being a fitness buff, having all the gym essentials at his QC home is particularly important for Piolo, especially during times when he has to deal with hectic schedules.


In his QC home, Piolo's bikes are mounted in poles, ready to be removed for days where Piolo would go biking, either solo or with his son Inigo.


 In his Makati home, two of his bikes work as celing decor pieces alongside a poster of Bruce Lee.


Recently, in StarStudio Magazine's January 2017 issue, Piolo opened his doors to another loft he has aquired, located also in Makati. Just like his previous properties, Piolo's latest aquisition maintains the same simplicity and sophistication that truly defines his personality.

 With a view of the Makati skyline for his balcony and a wall full of posters and vanity plates, Piolo incorporated similar design elements found in his other condo in Makati. 


“It is a testament to who I am, what I am and what I do,” Piolo says of his different dwellings in the city.

Piolo's bedroom in his new Makati condo is reminiscent of his Quezon City home—with more windows and contrasting colors from his wall and bed cover.



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Photographs by Raymund Isaac, Mapoo Magracia, and Paolo Pineda for Starstudio Magazine




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