Daily Diaries: Is Going Fully Wireless Worth It?

Daily Diaries: Is Going Fully Wireless Worth It?

It has roughly been a week since anticipation built up even higher for the unveiling of the iPhone 7. While Apple’s rival Samsung has to deal with exploding Note 7s, Apple, on the other hand, has to deal with backlash over the changes it has made to the beloved iPhone ofr its series 7 incarnation, specifically the removal of the headphone jack. Not even the new colors (say hello to piano black), bigger memory capacities (as much as 256GB of space), and a sophisticated dual camera (featuring a wide and telephoto lens) for the iPhone 7+ were not able to offset the issues generated by the omission of an essential port.

Following this controversial move made by the tech giant, we checked out what people are saying about it:


1. But you can lose them easily!  “It seems like a natural step forward, but it’s actually a big step back,” said in a Popular Mechanics article. "With completely wireless buds, you'll not only have to deal with buds that are easy to lose, but you'll have to deal with them every time you take them out of your ears."

Prior to the AirPods, tech companies Motorola, Earin, Bragi, and Samsung have introduced a similar concept [related: The Six Fix: Music Gadgets to Level Up Your Soundtrip Experience], which are not that cheap at all; the same goes for the AirPods, with its $160 price tag.


2. Why change something that is not obsolete? Considering that the good old 3.5mm headphone jack has been in existence for more than a decade, surpassing now-obsolete tech like cassette tapes, LaserDiscs, and MiniDiscs, the public just can't help but ask: Why?

Apple's solution to the iPhone 7's lack of a hadphone jack.


Apple did not fully omit the port, though—they included a lightning to headphone jack for all iPhone 7s (and they cost $9 when bought separately)—the idea of lugging an adapter sort of defeats the purpose of bringing less items with you on the go. But on a positive note, at least Apple gave its users a cheaper (and reliable) option.


3. They take risks, and you know what they say about the correlation of risk and success. Criticism and bashing aside, the tech giant has a noted history on making drastic changes for the sake of design and moving forward with technology. “Apple’s frenzied effort to make everything wireless isn’t without its merits, and I firmly believe that we need big influential companies like it to push the tech industry forward,” Vlad Savov said in his article on The Verge

If one can remember, Apple has already been criticized for some of its moves before, which include ditching the floppy drive in its iMac desktops in 1998, and introducing the iPad in 2010, and both ended up to be good moves for the company. On the other hand, Apple had their own wireless headset in back in 2007, and even if it received awards for its design, it was discontinued eventually in 2009. It’s indeed a “courageous” move for Apple to go full wireless with its earphones, and who knows? This might be another win for them.


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