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Hot Stuff: Indie Books To Add To Your Shelf

Hot Stuff: Indie Books To Add To Your Shelf

The indie scene here in the country is growing with films scoring major wins in festivals here and abroad and the music scene receiving airplay. What few people don’t know is that even the indie literary scene is changing. Want to know more? We’ve listed down some indie books—from YA to NA, from crime to fantasy—that you might want to take a look at (and are available at this year’s Manila International Book Fair).

Classified: A Prologue to Les Dames des Fleurs by Georgette S. Gonzales

Proving that curiosity did kill the cat, Gonzales gives us Danilo Halili a nosy photographer who tries to uncover an anomaly and prove something he had overheard. Will satisfaction bring back the cat to life? For people who want to dive into a series, this crime novella is just a prologue, expect more from Gonzales.

The Bye Bye Bouquet by Chi Yu Rodriguez

A florist named Meile Simon has gotten orders for the same bouquet from the same man. But the catch is, they are delivered to different girls.


High Stakes by Chris Nava


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Michael Aguirre is on a downward spiral. While out on bail from an estafa case, he ends up beaten black and blue by the man he owes millions to. With an impending deadline, he seeks the help of his sister who wants nothing to do with him, and his childhood friend who happens to be the son of the man who wants him dead. With these high stakes, will Mike come up with the money on time? The stakes are already high. Life and death. Can it get any higher?

The Mermaid from Siquijor by Justine Camacho-Tajonera


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Lorie Cenas goes to Siquijor for a diving trip. There she meets Marceau Egasse, a French diver and marine ecologist and Elena, a mysterious island woman. For fantasy readers, this is a must-try.

In Over Her Head by Anne Plaza

Erika Apostol is caught in a love triangle mostly of her own doings. On one side is her ex, Richard Javier and on the other is attractive DJ, Jerome Gonzales who she has asked to pose as her significant other. As Richard gets jealous, Erika learns more about Jerome.

Sampaguita by Mark Manalang

Japanese expat Keniichi Daimon's liking for Manila is transparent as he takes walk along Manila Bay and Malate all by himself. However, those walks turn for the worse when Keniichi witnesses men take a sampaguita vendor.

The ‘Forget You’ Brew by Tara Frejas

What if there is a cafe that serves a cup for forgetting? Would you take it? Allison did, and this is what Kyle now needs to undo.

When Cocoy became Kikay by CP Santi

What happens when tomboy Cocoy decides it's time to wear pink dresses? With the help of her friends, she finds out what it is she really wants. If you love makeovers, then this Young Adult novel must certainly go to your to-read shelf.

Beginner's Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes

Kaya Runio is a research assistant who designs a study to find a suitable partner. Will it be cafe owner Nero Sison? New York Times Best Selling author Courtney Milan tweeted about this Pinoy romance, calling it “adorable” and “sciencey”. She adds, “Second, she is self-aware enough to realize that the way she presents herself in the first half has issues, and OMG the character arc.”

Takedown Trilogy by Bianca Mori

What starts off as a beach fling turns into something quite unexpected. When you want both a smart romance and an enticing thriller, Mori will definitely give you that and more.

These books are all available at Amazon. For a printed copy, contact the authors, or try to catch them at 37th Manila International Book Fair. These books and more will be available at the BDAP booth.


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