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The Six Fix: John Mayer Songs That Perfectly Encapsulate The Magic of "Continuum"

The Six Fix: John Mayer Songs That Perfectly Encapsulate The Magic of

Ten years ago, music lovers were blessed with Continuum, an album that is said to be one of John Mayer’s best works in his music career. Mayer’s third studio album is well-acclaimed, and has won a Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

“It's that well-rounded album that I know me and my friends can put on and no one's ever going to be angry about it,” pop musician Shawn Mendes said in an interview. Best characterized by being "modest and reflective", the album helped Mayer elevate his status as a musician, having songs that tackle personal and public issues, be it love, life, hatred, or death, close to people's hearts.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Continuum, we look back at the notable songs in the album, along with lines from each song that surely struck a chord in music lovers the world over:


1. Gravity

Key lines: "Oh I'll never know what makes this man / With all the love that his heart can stand / Dream of ways to throw it all away"


2. Waiting On the World to Change

Key lines:  "It's hard to beat the system  / When we're standing at a distance  / So we keep waiting / Waiting on the world to change"


3. Say

Key lines: "You'd better know that in the end / It's better to say too much / Than never to say what you need to say again"


4. Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Key lines: "When you're dreaming with a broken heart / The giving up is the hardest part"


5. Belief

Key lines:  "Belief is a beautiful armor / But makes for the heaviest sword / Like punching under water / You never can hit who you're trying for"


6. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Key lines: "I was the one you always dreamed of, / You were the one I tried to draw. / How dare you say it's nothing to me? / Baby, you're the only light I ever saw."


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