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Couple Peg: Rammy Bitong and Nixie Lozano, Grooving Through Love and Life

Couple Peg: Rammy Bitong and Nixie Lozano, Grooving Through Love and Life

Thursday is Feels Day on Lifestyle! And what better way to celebrate this than by featuring real-life couples who totally represent #relationshipgoals? Learn from our choice couple pegs on all things love and life!


While it takes many people years to find love, Nixie Lozano, 22, and DJ Rammy Bitong, 23, are some of the lucky ones who found theirs early—thanks in large part to something that's both dear to them: Dancing. “We’re both dancers. She used to dance for Poveda, I used to dance for La Salle Greenhills back in high school. And you know how the dance community is kind of small, and all the dancers know each other, so that’s how we met, through mutual friends in the dance community," Rammy recalls.

While they started off as friends, Rammy says he knew right away that Nixie is someone he would really want get to know. “We used to dance in the same studio, like when I have training, she and her team were there and vice versa. And when I first saw her, I was like 'Wow who’s this? Bakit never ko pa siya na-meet, never ko pa siya na kasama, ganyan," he shares, adding jokingly, "Also medyo cute siya, medyo lang."

The man in love admits to us soon after that he found her really cute right away. "Crush ko siya and I remember I will always kulit her friends. 'Uy pakilala niyo naman ako diyan. Malapit na yung prom, malapit na yung ball, may date na ba yan? Sabihin niyo pag wala siya date, ako na lang date niya.” Unfortunately for Rammy, Nixie already had a date—but that did not deter him one bit, and through his constant effort, their friendship leveled up to what it is that they have now.

Recalling the first time he confessed his true feelings to Nixie, Rammy says, “We were inside the car, I remember, this was the first time I told her that I like her. After watching a movie I took her out, I think we were going to my place to chill and then that’s when I told her that I like her, we were in the car. She didn’t say it back right away, but she eventually did.”  And the rest, as they say, is history.

We first spotted the pair when they won Couple of the Night at last year's Chalk Bright Young Manila party, and learning their story just proved to us how much of a couple peg they are even though they're only in their early 20s. Here are some of the lessons we picked up from this wise duo on how to keep your relationship strong no matter your age:



Lesson #1: Find a common interest. Your shared interests are what will bring you closer. Determine the common denominator between you two that makes you click. For Nixie and Rammy, aside from both being passionate dancers, they are both into outdoor activities, which they like doing when they have free time. "We like going out of town, adventure trippin'. And we have this group kasi na parang we’re all into the outdoors, like we go hiking camping ganyan. We try not to make do the normal stuff like go to the mall, watch a movie, eat. I mean, we still do that, but we also like to do other things together," he notes.

Lesson #2: Take your time. Rushing into a relationship based solely on physical attraction or just for the sake of being in one is never a good thing. It’s always better to build the foundation of your relationship first by taking time to get to know each other more before jumping into it full time. Take Nixie and Rammy for example. “It took a while, like almost a year,” she says on how their getting-to-know stage lasted. While there was an instant attraction on Rammy’s part the first time he laid eyes on Nixie, for Nixie on the other hand, “I saw him more of as a friend at first," Rammy quickly adds, "And then naging crush niya ako." which Nixie counters "No, it was the other way around. But then he was, like, super constant effort all the time lang, like he wouldn’t give up talaga and likes talking to me for a really long time, eventually he grew on me. Like his personality grew on me. He's funny. We have so much things in common, so it just kind of fell into place you know, like it wasn’t hard to like him back."

Lesson #3: Support one another (even if sometimes you’re on competing teams). “We’re actually from two different dance teams, actually the two teams that we’re on, are like in the same division, so parang magkakalaban kami sometimes like whenever we will join dance competitions palagi kami magkalaban, it’s funny but then of course we still try to support each other  like when he’s performing I still watch and when I’m performing he watches din,” Nixie shares.


Lesson #4: Never lose the kilig factor. Sometimes, other than love itself, it’s really the kilig factor that keeps the fire burning. And Nixie and Rammy knows all about it. Talking about how they make each other kilig. Rammy says it is when, “She shows up at my gigs, and when she cooks for me.” As for Nixie, “When he takes me to nice places, and when he surprises me with random gifts.”

Lesson #5: Keep the element of surprise. Surprising each other from time to time is how you prevent your relationship from getting stale and boring, something which Rammy and Nixie like doing, but with a different spin on it. Instead of doing it often, “We do it when we can, mostly on special occasions so it’s still a surprise pa rin, because if you surprise each other a lot, then you tend to expect na, right? So we only do it on special occasions, to have that element of surprise.”

Lesson #6: It's good to mix up your style once in a while. Another thing they have in common is how they like to mix things up when it comes to their personal style. And they sure know what they want. For Nixie, “Me when I dress up I’m more laidback girly, so it's not skirts and dresses all the time, like a mix in girly and casual  and then street style.”

As for Rammy,“I don’t like having just one style, like one day I can be super preppy, tomorrow I’m super hiphop, then the next day formal naman, I guess its just my mindset. Not just with my personal style even with my music, with food with everything, really. I don’t like having just one consistent thing like I think it's cool that we have diversity so at least hindi nakakasawa. We get to try all these different styles.”


Lesson #7: Learn to compromise. The one thing that Nixie and Rammy consider as the biggest challenge in their relationship is finding common free time. “Despite having a lot of similar interests there are still some things such as our lifestyles na magkaiba and that, in a way, hinders our quality time together,” says Rammy. “I’m a full-time DJ now and the schedules for that sobrang syempre gabi, weekends and like almost every weekend Friday and Saturday I have gigs, I have events and those are the times na free siya kasi walang school, but then I can’t hang out with her kasi ako naman may work, and when she’s in school ako naman yung free, so I guess that’s the challenge.” But instead of letting it get in their way, Nixie and Rammy found a way to work around it: “Considering our situation wherein we have different schedules, we always compromise, like we find something convenient for both and not palaging just one person deciding everything," says Nixie.

Lesson #8: Know your limitations. Being young as they are, Nixie and Rammy understand that there are certain restrictions as to what they can do. “Since we’re both really young, we don’t have as much freedom yet to leave and just do whatever we want, syempre we still have to comply with our parents’ decisions and you know kailangan ayusin pa din with school, with work." So wise, these two.


Rammy and Nixie are indeed beautiful reminders of the beauty of young love—and how grooving through life's highs and lows, hand in hand, make for unparalleled bliss.


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Photographs by Gio Vibar




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