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Cheat Sheet: Here’s The Realistic Hair Coloring Guide Filipinas Should Follow For Best Results

Cheat Sheet: Here’s The Realistic Hair Coloring Guide Filipinas Should Follow For Best Results

A new fashion season may be upon us, but some rules just never change—and we find exactly what those timeless rules are in the hair color arena from Francesco Fontana, Toni & Guy International Technical Artistic Director and Educational Training Director for Essensuals Hairdressing.

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“Hair trends are not as fast moving as fashion trends. Clients need to be guided in line not just to what is cool but what is functional and what is suitable,” he shared when we caught up with him at the Toni & Guy and L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Sessions event.

Read on as he schools us on what we should stop doing when it comes to hair coloring, what we should actually be asking for, and the top hair trends this season:


What shades do you recommend for Filipinas who want to color their hair and why?

"Shade of colour is to work with skintone. There is one principle: warm colour to warm skin tone; cooler colour goes with more ashan shades. With Filipinos' natural base, we need to consider what is the realistic level of lifting achievable. Example: With dark brown you will only able to get to a light brown. from a medium brown, you can achieve a dark blonde. All these working with traditional colouring without going through extreme lifting with the use of pre-lightener."


Is there anything you'd like to advise Filipinas against doing when it comes to hairstyling and hair coloring?

"To stop asking for an ash blonde, because they can get a better consultation and better options with an expert (hairdressers)."


What's one misconception about hairstyling and hair coloring that you'd like to correct?

"The most misconceived about colour is that colour damages the hair.  It is actually the the misuse of color."


What are your top three hair commandments?

"Cleanse. Condition. Create."


Can you walk us through your favorite hair trends this season?

"We have clients asking for a lot of mid-length that are aggressive, from skin fade and is moving into a more feminine and softer look. Long hair still in fashion with less aggressive layering and more sculptured detail."


Your most foolproof and easiest hair trick for women who are on the go?

"For long hair: A high or low ponytail depending on their head shape. Plait it and create a bun—it will look stylish and secure. On mid-length—super glossy hair using an '80s revival gel and hair gloss."


Have a happy hair day, ladies!


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Images from the Toni & Guy Philippines Facebook Page / Artwork by Jana Jimenez







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