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In Focus: Jack Reid Can Very Well Give Every Cutie A Run For His Money—Even His Brother, James

In Focus: Jack Reid Can Very Well Give Every Cutie A Run For His Money—Even His Brother, James

There’s a new Reid in town, and by the looks of it, this young man’s got a lot more to offer than just his last name—and the fact that he’s related to one of the hottest heartthrobs of today.

Say hello to Jack Reid, the youngest half-sibling of Till I Met You star James Reid.


If you’re crazy about his kuya's cuteness…


Winking skillzzz…


Wacky face...


Or even his sheepish alter ego...


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Well, we’re telling you, the younger Reid can give Mr. Real stiff competition—not just because they’ve got the same good genes, but because they’ve got that same fierce yet cool spirit.


We got to witness Jack’s first ever runway show at the launch of the Folded & Hung x Disney collection, for which he is the face of, and we can tell you that the crowd went crazy when he came out on the runway—he may have been in relaxed casualwear, but he made it look like a million bucks with his confident yet easygoing stance. A bit reminiscent of his brother’s, but with his own youthful panache.



“It’s a whole lot of fun being part of the F&H family. It's exciting, and I really like the clothes as well,” says Jack of his first ever endorsement.

Well the crowd had as much fun as he did that’s for sure—look at that.


“Jack is the perfect representation of the millennial—but its good facets, of course. The first time I met him he was really quiet but when we warmed up, he just worked it in front of the camera,” says Arvie Dizon, Marketing Manager of Folded & Hung.

His future is indeed looking bright, and so not just because of his last name, but more because of this interesting persona he has that can pique just about anybody’s interest.

Wonder what his brother James has to say to him about all this? “Be yourself—that’s the best advice he’s given me. He always tells me to be authentic and real,” Jack shares.


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