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The Six Fix: Must-Dos To Help You Finally Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

The Six Fix: Must-Dos To Help You Finally Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

We know, getting your butt off the couch is as hard as waking up at 5AM to finish the tasks you have left from the night before. But fitness is a crucial part of getting healthy, so it needs to be exercised regularly (literally).

Lifestyle brand Nike knows its utmost importance, that's why just recently, they set up the Unlimited Stadium in BGC for a different workout experience for many—a running track in the shape of a 100-foot sole print of their latest footwear, the LunarEpic Low Flyknit, lined with LED screens. The space is nothing short on motivation—with bright lights and your personal avatar running a race against you, it's sure to bring out your competitive side.

It may have ended a few weeks ago, but this lead sure is a great inspiration to start moving—here are other must-dos, in case you missed the stadium!


1. Buy cute active wear! What makes a workout sesh more exciting is the fact that you're gonna wear that bright sports bra you just scored last sale season! If that doesn't keep you exhilirated to move, maybe a pair of nice, sturdy rubber shoes would do? Just make sure you get items that fit you right, otherwise your workout can become uncomfortable. 


2. Join the club. Nike+ Run Club is open to all interested individuals who up for a running challenge every week. Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, join the whole running community with NRC coaches Rio dela Cruz, Ian Banzon and Ico Ejercito on the lead of the pack. Meet new friends along the way!


3. Learn how to do yoga. During the Nike Ladies Night, the whole workout was capped off by a relaxing yoga sesh! Aside from it's soothing effect, it's also a nice way to burn extra, so get a yoga mat and YouTube your way to breathing in, breathing out. Visit channels like Yoga with Adriene (perfect for beginners), Fightmaster Yoga (with tutorials on different yoga depending on your mood) or Cosmic Kids Yoga (if you want the kiddos to join the fun!). The relaxing effect that it will give you will motivate you to do this regularly.


4. Download a fitness app that suits your needs. If it helps, you can download helpful apps like Fitbit or the Nike+ Training Club app, which will track your activities and have features with more tips on getting fit.


5. Tag a friend along. No one can motivate you better than someone who knows what you're going through, so call up a friend and start your own fitness club! [related: The Six Fix: The Rewards You'll Reap If You Get A Workout Buddy]


6. Keep a proper mindset. Embrace your weakness, have an open mind and believe in yourself. And of course, stop the excuses and just do it! [related: Fitspiration: Isabelle Daza’s Mantras Will Help You Stay on Track in All Your Workouts]


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Photographs courtesy of Nike Philippines




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