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The Six Fix: The Craziest Moments At WWE Live In Manila We Won't Get Tired Of Reminiscing About

The Six Fix: The Craziest Moments At WWE Live In Manila We Won't Get Tired Of Reminiscing About

It was a good seven year-long wait for avid Filipino wresting fans to see their favorite wresting superstars in the flesh, but it was just all worth it. Last September 9, World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Manila leg proved to be a memorable experience for everyone who came over to watch, from the flashy entrance of participating wrestlers, to their high-octane and entertaining antics inside the ring.

We round up the best moments of the one night only show, and WWE's only Southeast Asia stop this year:


1. Neville’s high-flying stunts.

While matches under WWE are scripted and choreographed, anyone watching will still be amazed at the amount of risk these wrestlers deal with when it comes to pulling off their stunts. Case in point? When Neville, known for his aerial attacks, went on to beat Curtis Axel with his gravity-defying moves.


2. The New Day’s funky costumes and equally funky antics.

Aside from being able to defend their Tag Team Champions title from The Club and The Shining Stars, the trio provided entertainment to the audience with their funny antics. From their eccentric baby blue and pink outfits, to their dirty dancing moves and trombone prowess, The New Day proved to be the funniest group that night.


3. John Cena proving that he can take on waaaayyyy bigger guys.

We know that John Cena is a big guy, but when he faced off against The Big Show that night, Cena looked like a small kid. In a David vs. Goliath-esque match, Cena had a challenging time taking on The Big Show at first. However, thanks to a few of his strategic moves (you can’t see him, they say), he managed to lift The Big Show off the ground, and do his finishing moves in order to attain that seemingly impossible win.


4. Manila receiving "The Gift of Jericho."

When Chris Jericho dropped statements like “The Philippines stinks, and Manila is the anus,” “you are all stupid idiots!,” and “I'm the biggest gago you've ever seen,” fans knew these were all just part of his pre-match promo to hype up the crowd. Too bad though all those energy was not enough for Y2J to beat Roman Reigns.


5. The pre-match trash talk between Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Aside from a catfight, these two lady wrestling superstars hyped up the crowd through recorded videos of them trash talking each another minutes before the WWE Divas championship match. But in the end, it was Charlotte who emerged as the winner, retaining her title as WWE Divas champion.


6. That three-way frenzy between Kevin Owen, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins.

To wrap up a fantastic night at MOA Arena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins fought in the ring for the WWE Universal Champion title in the form of an entertaining triple threat match. As the three of them bust out their best moves against one another, it was Owens who emerged triumphant, successfully defending his Universal Champion title against Rollins and Zayn.


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