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In Focus: Adrien Semblat Talks About The Growing Trend That Is Athleisure

In Focus: Adrien Semblat Talks About The Growing Trend That Is Athleisure

In the fashion industry, trends come and go. And what’s in today may no longer be relevant by tomorrow, but if there is one trend in particular that’s been enjoying a steady growth for quite some time now, in fact as the months and years go by, it seems to be growing and expanding even more, it's Athleisure, or the use of athleticwear crossing over to the realm of leisure.

Georgina Wilson going for a comfy athleisure look in the airport lounge during one of her many travels.


'It' girls Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, and Georgina Wilson in their athleisure best while exploring South America

Nowadays, the use of athleticwear outside the gym, has become the norm that sneakers, joggers, leggings, and hoodies have become part of our everyday wardrobe. People wear it to the mall, when traveling, and, sometimes, even to work and social events, so much so that many brands have shifted their focus from just sportswear to lifestyle wear, and to being holistic lifestyle brands in terms of general approach (more life motivation instead of just workout-focused).

Anne Curtis spotted at an event in a head-to-toe sporty look.


adidas, for instance, has not only been churning out collection after collection of notable sneaker styles, many in collaboration with pop culture icons like Pharrell and Kanye West, among others, but have also been paying much attention to enhancing women's lifestyles through fitness. Locally, they have been conducting monthly workout parties helmed by their Fit Squad girls, fitness and workout advocates and influencers (Lady Volcano Cassie Umali and cycling coaches Lexi Gancayco and Yessa Yu to name a few). And most recently, two of the brand's global stores have also arrived on our shores: Neighborhood, home to the best of the best Originals products, and HomeCourt, which embodies the thrill of sports in every nook, cranny, and interior.

We got to talk about all things athleisure with the man at the helm of adidas Philippines, Country General Manager Adrien Semblat, who first came here as a key accounts manager for the brand in 2008. “This concept store is actually selling lifestyle products that are also inspired by sports, and it’s the first one in the country. We came up with the idea to open these stores because the Philippine lifestyle business is booming and Filipinos are looking for lifestyle products so it’s a lifestyle market, and we see it as a big opportunity for the adidas brand, and what gives us the edge is, unlike other brands, this is our roots.”

Adrien in his gym-ready outfit as he strolls the streets of Harajuku, Japan.


The sudden rise of the Athleisure trend might have been influenced by two things many people seems to care a lot of about these days—to live a healthier and active lifestyle, and to look good. The number of gyms and fitness centers that have opened in recent years shows how people are making a conscious effort to not only be fit but healthy as well. And if you’re going to look at those who really work out religiously, you’ll notice how well-coordinated their gym outfits are. Filipinos are no exception, as Adrien explains, “We see Filipinos getting more and more active and healthy and we also see more gyms opening, people getting into different sports, into triathlon. I think Filipinos are just getting inspired by people globally that are into health, into sports, into nutrition, getting into the trend of an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Adrien at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

Adrien himself is an epitome of a healthy and well-balanced active lifestyle. As can be seen on his Instagram account (@adriensemblat), Adrien, despite his jampacked schedule, manages to squeeze in time to work out and to engage in different sport practices, like triathlon.

 Adrien at the KONA 70.3 leg of Ironman
 Adrien with actress Isabelle Daza whom he just tied the knot with in Italy on September 10.


Adrien rocking an athleisure look as he went for a quick run in Quai de la Seine, Paris.

The trend of athleisure has been fueled even more by the constant release of new line of products from shoes to apparel. And with that, the race to find the latest, hottest, and most rare (not to mention the priciest!) pair of kicks never ends, what with everyone wanting to be the first one to sport it. But then again, it's not always about the style, as it's comfortability is just as important. And choosing the right one that matches you and your needs is essential. As Adrien points out, "Too often I hear people judging brands because of one shoes they weren’t happy about, I say all brands are actually proposing and offering amazing products, and you will find in all brands a product that will fit your needs."

How to choose the right product, you might ask? Adrien has got this tip for you. "It’s not a matter of choosing the brand but more on identifying what product you need, like what kind of run do you do, how long, what kind of terrain you normally go for and what kind of feet do you have, once you learn all these, then that’s how you can choose the right products. If you need help, never hesitate you ask the staff."


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