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Food Trippin' With Piolo Pascual: 4 Things He Learned From His Japanese Foodie Adventure

Food Trippin' With Piolo Pascual: 4 Things He Learned From His Japanese Foodie Adventure

Bet you didn’t know that as accomplished as an actor as he is, Piolo Pascual actually has a secret dream: To host a food show. And in true Piolo achiever fashion, that dream of his has now been realized!

As the host of Lifestyle TV’s The Crawl, Piolo embarked on a foodie journey in Japan with buddy Lui Villaruz. We heard they had a whole lot of fun, and we’ll let Piolo do the talking—he’ll inspire you to head over to the Land of the Rising Sun with his stories:

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1. Japan is like the Italy of Asia. "The way they prepare the food—ang sarap lang nung pagkain. The places to see—everything was preserved. In Italy tumawid ka lang ng isang town, iba na yung dialect, iba na yung pagkain, iba na yung istura nung place. Same thing in Japan. Among all Asian countries, for me, this is the most interesting when it comes to finding new places and also discovering their food, their cuisine."


2. Japan is not just about about sushi, sashimi, kobe beef, and wagyu.Mayroon palang okonomiyaki. I was here over the holidays; I did not know what okonomiyaki was. I love takoyaki. I did not realize na marami palang variety 'yun. Hindi lang isang luto, maraming ingredients, depending on the restaurant, depending on the people who serve it. So it's really just interesting.”

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3. You’d think the Japanese are snobs, but they’re actually just really shy.Siguro of all the palces that I’ve been to, [dito yung] they are very courteous, they are very respectful, hindi maingay. We went to this place yung kasama namin sa production, for our okonimayaki and yung mommy niya sila yung may-ari. Yung mommy niya yung nagluluto ng okonomiyaki and then after we got packed up parang may fiesta doon sa restaurant diba, they served us a lot of food. Parang nakakatuwa kasi akala mo, snobbish ang mga Japanese, they’re shy actually but they’re really nice if you get to know them. Ang sarap lang sa Japan kasi they respect people’s privacy, they respect people’s space tapos napaka-polite lang, napaka-polite ng mga tao and ang dami mong pwedeng puntahan."


4. It’s so safe in Japan. "You can just leave your phone anywhere and pagbalik mo nandoon. It’s what’s nice about Japan, hindi mo kailangan ma-paranoid. Wala pa akong nakikitang naghahabulan, nagsasaksakan, o nagbabarilan. It’s just really safe. It’s just a safe place to be in, specially for backpackers to discover and also for yourself."


He’s also got travel tips for you!


“Be spontaneous. Travel light. Don’t be dumb. Be trustworthy. Be trustful. Be responsible. Be mindful of your things. Prepare to discover more about the place, about the culture and about yourself. Parang pumunta ka sa isang lugar na wala ka dapat ine-expect, kasi mas maganda yung surprise element ng ganon. Just enjoy. Let loose. You only live once anyway.”


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