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Hot Stuff: This Indie Music Competition Might Be The Break You've Been Waiting For

Hot Stuff: This Indie Music Competition Might Be The Break You've Been Waiting For

All aspiring musicians know the real struggle of entering the music industry. It's a crawl towards your dreamone day you're on a steady climb but the next you're on decline, and repeat, and repeat. And only if you really pushed through, know and stay true to your style and persisted on making it to the top, shall you conquer the scene.

If you are thinking of venturing into being an indie artist, here are the obstacles you need to brace yourself for:

1. Lack of exposure. It's constantly putting your music out therethrough Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and all other channels you may think of. As well as performing in small bars and other events, these are your chances of getting noticed. But you have to be ready; they aren't as easy to succeed at  as they may sound.

2. Limited audience. You have your own genre and you totally love it. But the catch: Not everyone will like your type of music. But eventually, you'll learn that sticking to your music is the best option you have when you're there.

3. Passion Vs. Stability. Ah, the hardest choice. If you choose passion, you have to embrace everything, all the ups and downs included. [related: In Focus: Ebe Dancel On Rekindling Passion When You've Quit Too Many Times]


But good news, as there's a newborn hopea new award-giving body is set to give you your much-awaited break!

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ALAB: The Independent Musician Rising Awards puts the spotlight on youindependent artists who have got what it takes to be the next legends of the music industry. If your music lies on the genres of rock, pop or hip-hop, you can submit your video that showcases your original compositions, may it be a live performance or a self-made MV. Get creative! Who knows, you might score the top spot and launch your album soon! What's more exciting is the exposure you'll getwinners will be given a spot in Fusion 2017, one of the biggest all-local music festivals in the country. Sounds so great, yes?

For more details about the competition, visit


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