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Love Actually: Kathryn and Daniel-Inspired Ways Of Keeping The Love Alive Through The Years

Love Actually: Kathryn and Daniel-Inspired Ways Of Keeping The Love Alive Through The Years

Even after all these years, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are keeping their promise of love. It may not be public and officially announced but Kath's unending posts and our unlimited sweet couple sightings of them are enough to convince us that theirs is something lasting.


It's inspiring to see how this young pair grew up together. There's just something about them that makes you root for their romance. Maybe it's their undeniable chemistry, or their commitment to stick with each other. But the thing we're sure about is, it takes some hard work to actually make it work—and here's how KathNiel does it:


1. They bring out the inner funny from each other. Daniel may seem brooding and Kathryn is so often in her sweet character, but when together, they let their guard down and let themselves have those goofy times.


2. It's okay to use adjectives like 'sungit.' Because it's her form of lambing.



3. Riding on the couple trend. It's not baduy; it's just how normal couples show their fondness for each other. This plus HHWW in the streets of Barcelona? We can hear "he's mine-she's mine" screaming in this photo. Inseparable, indeed. [related: Style Inspo: KathNiel Spotted in Barcelona Wearing the Double Denim Trend]


4. Double dates are more fun. Especially with your best friends, side-by-side playing by the shore and snapping a selfie to cap off a fun, sunny day! Those big smiles are proof that they just did.


5. They acknowledge each other's importance. Even in subtle, one-word descriptions. Like how Kathryn captioned this photo in all caps: P R O T E C T O R.


6. They're not afraid of showing up together. In Barcelona, in Manila, in events, in mall shows, in family gatherings, in random hangouts, and just about everywhere. Being together is always their proud moment and they never shy away from it.


7. They have each other's back in the truest sense. And trust comes easy when you know you can rely on them.


8. And they can already see their future together. Kathryn captions this with, "What a coincidence," relating to the old couple behind them. We're taking that, too, as a sign. #kathnielforever [related: In Focus: A Closer Look At the Must-Visit Spanish Landmarks Shown on "Barcelona: A Love Untold"]


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