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The Six Fix: Fun Ways To Unleash Your Inner Adventure Child

The Six Fix: Fun Ways To Unleash Your Inner Adventure Child

There's nothing like the feeling of adrenaline running through your veins—that moment when all your energy and focus is on the all-out, power-draining yet exciting adventure you're in. But unfortunately, many still aren't that brave enough to turn their track to the kind-of dangerous route. The good news here: Today is always the best time to face the beginning of endless heart-pumping times in your lifetime. Once you start, it's like a drug that will make you crave for it more.

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Reality show Celebrity Car Wars personalities know this all too well, as week after week, they're set on epic and thrilling race adventures. Each episode is packed with so much action that they'll inspire you to be just like them, always putting on their brave-face with each exploit. Here's how Bobby Tonelli, Joey Mead King, KC Montero, Marc Nelson and Gaby dela Merced go all out with their winning attitude and unleash the adventure child within:


1. Jump into anything that gets you drawn and makes you excited. When the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling is happening, no inhibitions—go for it!


2. Push your limits. Always give yourself that much-needed challenge in your life. It keeps you on a good high every single time.


3. Overcome your fear. Feel free and dive head-first—you'll never know the feeling until you try it yourself! [related: In Focus: Conquer Your Fear of the Water with These Tips from the Best Coaches in the Country]


4. Believe that anything is possible. There are things that you won't realize can happen, but could. You just need to set aside your nerves and live in the moment (you know that saying that goes, "All you need is 20 seconds of intense courage"?)


5. Prove yourself to yourself. Regardless of what others will think, it's your opinion that should matter to you. Stop listening to those who think less of you.


6. Be passionate. If there's anything you need to listen to, it's your heart. Let it lead you to where you should be—grow and learn about life and yourself. You still have so much to discover out there! 


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