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In Focus: How Nikki Gil Rose Above Bad Skin And Bullying

In Focus: How Nikki Gil Rose Above Bad Skin And Bullying

It’s hard to imagine Nikki Gil looking less than how flawless as she does today—while her extra glow is brought about by wedded bliss, the singer-actress is also one of the most beautiful epitomes of a classic Filipina so it seems quite far-fetched that she’s ever been part of #thestruggleisreal clique when it comes to skin issues. But, surprise, she wasn’t just like any other teenager who suffered from the occasional pimple: She actually had a really intense bout of acne right during one of the most important seasons of a teen’s life, prom!

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“It was funny that my face started flaring up during prom season when I am most insecure and adolescent identity crisis like all of this things are going on, that’s when I had acne,” she recalls during our chat with her at the launch of Aveeno in the Philippines, for which she is one of the ambassadors, alongside former Olympian Christine Jacob-Sandejas and running coach Jaymie Pizzaro.

Jaymie, Nikki, and Christine at the press launch of Aveeno in the Philippines


Nikki is just really thankful that there was no social media then for her to be scrutinized more on, since having to go on national television looking like a “frickin’ pizza with all these things on my face” was tough enough for her. She can already laugh about her acne-laden past today, but how did she actually get through that time, both physically and emotionally?

“Sometimes you just have to go back to the basic, to the most natural, to the mildest thing—like with the body naman I just realized, flaws are one of the things that make women beautiful and for me, I am klutz, it’s easy for me to scar, but as long as you have beautiful skin, healthy skin, I guess that’s all that matters,” she enthused. Nikki’s penchant for simplicity is something that’s also transparent in how she dresses.

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“I like sticking to the more classic stuff, which I guess says a lot about my choices for products as well. I don’t like it complicated, I like them basic and simple and natural—in terms of beauty routine, mine is very simple. I don’t really like pilling in too many things. So for me, as long as you’re hydrated, in and out, then that’s a good place to start.” She says Aveeno has helped her overcome the skin dryness she was battling before.

Of course we cannot have a chat with her and not gush about her wedded bliss! “I love that it’s stable. It’s not an immature emotional roller coaster. It’s a stable, secure kind of love. A mature kind of love—which is something that I’ve always prayed for, which was perfectly modelled by my parents. I am glad God granted me this,” she says of her marriage to husband BJ Albert.

To those who are plagued with the same insecurities Nikki had, she has these words of advice: “Love yourself—that’s very important that you’re comfortable. God made you who you are for a reason and you got to wear it proud.”


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