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Cheat Sheet: Tips and Numbers You Should Equip Yourself With For Emergency Situations

Cheat Sheet: Tips and Numbers You Should Equip Yourself With For Emergency Situations

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all the calamities and disasters, both natural and man-made (terrorist attacks, etc), that the world has seen and experienced, is that preparedness is everything. Knowing what to do when the unexpected strikes can not only save your life, but of others as well. Panic will take you nowhere, and can actually make things worse. With that here are some reminders and tips from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) that can help us survive whatever comes our way:


Earthquake. Ever since news of the "The Big One," a magnitude 8 earthquake that they said is set to happen in Metro Manila given the history of its tectonic plates, circulated everyone has started to be more cautious, with the government and private organizations conducting earthquake drills every now and then to make sure that everyone is prepared.


Landslide. Floods aren't the only thing that worry people when strong typhoone strike the region: There is also the threat of a landslide. 


Typhoons and floods. News of major typhoons entering the country isn't really new to us. Especially now that the the rainy season has begun, it is expected that typhoons will be hitting us left and right, and with typhoons come the heavily flooded streets. 



But of course not all disasters are caused by nature, in fact the ones that pose a greater threat to our everyday lives are the ones caused by man. But with the full force of the Philippine National Police fully-committed to help the new administration carry out its plan of lowering the crime rate and make the country a much safer place, things are looking promising. But it is still best to be more vigilant and to be equipped with the knowledge and moves to protect yourself. That said, it is still best to know how to react when for you're assaulted for example, and the National Capital Region Police (NCPR) has these tips for you.

When going out alone especially at night, it is best to observe constant vigilance, regardless if you're a guy or a girl. Take these reminders from NCRP to danger-proof your day.



Also take note of these numbers you can call in case of emergency:

PAGASA: 434-2696

Bureau of Fire Protection: 426-0219, 426-3812, 426-0246

NDRRMC: 912-2665

Philippine Red Cross: 143

Philippine Coast Guard: 527-3877; 0917-PCG-DOTC 0917-724-3682 (Globe); 0918-967-4697

Philippine National Police: 117


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