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Cheat Sheet: The Best Way To Enjoy Your Pizza, According To Luis Manzano

Cheat Sheet: The Best Way To Enjoy Your Pizza, According To Luis Manzano

We know just how much of a health buff Luis Manzano is based on his Instagram posts, but well, we just found out that this guy can’t resist everybody’s fave pie, too! At his launch as the new ambassador of Shakey's, Luis spilled that he can actually finish about a box or two of pizza all by himself. His fave? Pepperoni, hands down.

"I’ve always been the biggest pepperoni fan, so my go-tos are Basic Pepperoni, Pepperoni Crunch, or what's nice also is you order the Garlic and Cheese then add extra pepperoni," he shared. But what surprised us even more is his reco on how best to enjoy your pizza—you might find it weird, but the way he's totally vouching for it might just make you change your mind. "I like it cold—in fact when I order Shakey’s sometimes kakain ako ng konti pag medyo it’s warm. The others I'll leave on top of the refrigerator."

Luis chatting with host Sam Oh about his major love for pizza.


What exactly does he get by leaving his pizza out in the cold (figuratively)? "Sometimes I wait for maybe a day, then the cheese becomes solid—that's sooooo good for me," he added. Oooohhh those leftover pizza slices suddenly sound like a good idea, don't you think? Can't wait to try it!


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