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In Focus: Solenn Heussaff Talks Beauty Tricks, Couple Time, and Why Blake Lively Is Her Life Peg

In Focus: Solenn Heussaff Talks Beauty Tricks, Couple Time, and Why Blake Lively Is Her Life Peg

While she’s most often tagged as an ‘it’ girl, we’d like to classify Solenn Heussaff as a woman way more than that—a true Jill of All Trades, Master of All, who, while one of the most gorgeous faces in the region, has wayyyy more to offer than just her hotness and good looks (one scroll through her Instagram account is proof of that). She’s one of those women who would make you go, “Is there anything she can’t do????”.

In an exclusive interview with her at her first ever beauty workshop, presented by L’Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris, for which she is the first Filipina ambassador, Solenn revealed that yes, there’s something she actually can’t do—dance. But who cares, right? She’s as multi-faceted as she is that the fact she says she has no rhythm can totally be overlooked. The professional makeup artist shared her tried-and-tested beauty tricks to everyone present, and boy, you’ll truly wish she has taught you these sooner.

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Read on for our fun chat with the French-Filipina stunner:


Is this your first beauty workshop? "I’ve actually done beauty workshops for offices/corporate before on how to be decent at work but not overdo the makeup also, cause some people have this misconception about makeup... that you need to cover up. But it’s really about enhancing your natural self.


We really learned a lot from you a while ago, the concealer as contour trick was just amazing. What other like self-discovered makeup tricks do you have that you can share? "Well me, I don’t put too much foundation on my face. And if I do, it’s really  just the T-zone, kind of applied like concealer, because I like the natural shimmer of the cheekbones and I think looking dewy is nice. So yes, you don’t apply foundation on your entire face."


How about when it comes to eye makeup? "When it comes to the eyes, using my fingers is the easiest thing, because it blends it in so perfectly. For those who are not as experienced, maybe just to practice with a lighter shade so it doesn’t do spots, caused it happened to me when I was younger. I used like a dark grey or those kinds of colors, and when you try to smudge it in, it won’t spread anymore. So just apply it little by little. And for Filipinas, It’s nicer to use colors like all in a brown tone and purple-ish, like pink purple-ish. Don’t really go for green or blue or greys even. Just stick to natural looks."


How about when it comes to lip color? "Lip color it depends on who you are. There’s a lot of people out there that I feel like dark red is so bagay to them and everything. Me, I am more comfortable in lighter colors because I always get conscious when I am talking to people and it’s on my teeth or something so I like sticking to natural nudes or natural base. But other people can play around with brighter base or reds. Just by preference talaga."


Do you used to have a beauty peg? "Beauty peg. I love Blake Lively."


You’re actually like her. You remind me of her. "So many people tell me that but I don’t see it. And I keep telling my husband... I'm like ‘I look like her daw’. He’s like ‘you look like everyone, you look like Monica Bellucci’. And I am like ‘Ya, people say that.’ And he’s like ‘You don’t. She’s blonde’. And I 'm like, ‘Para kasing we both have long faces’."


Even the vibe, I think. "Really? I love her. She’s so, like, chill and don’t really give a sh*t, you know. And her look, she’s always glam but natural. It’s not over the top like fixed hair and dark lips. She’s always like the 'I woke up like this' type. So she’s my life peg."


Which is very you. That’s you, the whole effortless, low-maintenance vibe. "Yeah, I love it. I am a no-fuss person. And I prefer the no makeup look, but I still like to apply makeup. Even now during the day, before I used to never put mak up. Now, I’ll just apply just a bit of concealer."


Can you share your favorite beauty tip? "For me, it’s just, remove your makeup. It’s the biggest beauty tip. Remove your makeup properly every night. I used to sleep with my makeup, before. It’s hard. And then, just make sure to put night cream. I don’t usually put day cream 'cause you sweat a lot during the day. And the primer makes your complexion smooth so you don’t need to add cream pa."


What are your and Nico’s couple bonding activity? "Couple bonding, we watch Narcos. I am obsessed with Narcos. I am actually waiting for their new series.  And eating. You have to eat."


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