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In Focus: 5 Facts That Prove Kathryn Bernardo’s All Grown Up Self Is A Great Role Model

In Focus: 5 Facts That Prove Kathryn Bernardo’s All Grown Up Self Is A Great Role Model

If the Barcelona: A Love Untold trailer is any indication, then we know for sure that the Teen Queen we have in our midst is every bit the lady already: More mature, bolder, and braver (yay KathNiels, your fave royal couple have got kissing scenes in this film!). On the cover of Chalk Magazine’s 16th Anniversary Issue, Kath also debuted an edgier look, decked in the season’s hottest trends of muted cover ups and distressed jeans, which go really well with her golden blonde locks. But we’re glad to know that despite all the outer changes, she’s still the kindhearted, humble Teen Queen loved by many—only better, because now she’s more independent and sure of what she wants.

Read on for new discoveries that prove Kath’s grown up self is a great role model to all:

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1. She knows how to stand on her own two feet (literally and figuratively). Mommy Min Bernardo reveals that during their shoot in Barcelona, Kathryn didn’t have a PA along with her, and even when she left to do some sightseeing, Kathryn managed with flying colors, handling the whole day shoot without assistant.


2. She doesn’t rest on her laurels and believes in the value of taking things slowly but surely. “Hindi ko binibigla lahat, na dahil 20 na ko, I’ll be like this, I’ll do something major—I want to do it step-by-step. I think that I’m also still at an age where I’m earning people’s trust so they’ll listen to me not just because I’m a celebrity but because I have a point—meron yung mga hindi ka pinapakinggan kasi ikaw ‘yung mas bata, so kailangan may ma-prove ka sa kanila para paniwalaan ka nila.”


3. She knows that she should let her natural beauty shine—and she does. Her go-to makeup artist, Denise Go-Ochoa, reveals, “She started to wear less makeup, and realized she looks more herself and that she has softer features, so it has become her go-to look. I guess for the last year yung pinaka natural looks we’ve really done, ayon she’s more comfortable with that. Sometimes, we don’t even wear false eyelashes and no contact lenses. She’ll even send my a screencapute saying “see didn’t I tell you, ganda di ba?” Marami kaming looks where she looked undone pero really beautiful, kasi natural.I think it’s one of the looks na Kath is known for lately, known for having light makeup and still look beautifully.


4. She sees no point in crying over spilt milk. “Move on. Parang you can’t do anything if it’s done already. You just have to move on and learn from it.”


5. She’s totally chill, keeps it real, and is always grateful. People pitting her and Daniel against other loveteams? It totally doesn’t bother the Teen Queen. “Wag ka mag-panic, ‘wag kang mag-todo effort pa lalo kasi hindi nakakatulongbawat tao o bawat artista, bawat loveteam, may kanya-kanyang ino-offer ‘yan. Merong mga fans na magugustuhan ‘yon or di nila magugustuhan. And you have to take care of those people—na nagkaka-gusto sa’yo, na nakaka-appreciate sa’yo, you have to value them,” she says.


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Photograph by Mark Nicdao for Chalk Magazine / Makeup by Denise Go-Ochoa / Hair by John Valle










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