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Trending Pick: The Immersive Comedy/Theater/Rock Concert/Dance Party You Just Have To Experience

Trending Pick: The Immersive Comedy/Theater/Rock Concert/Dance Party You Just Have To Experience

32 pounds of Jell-O, eight boxes of Cap’n Crunch cereal, 96 pieces of white chocolate Toblerone, 240 marshmallows, and 40 boxes of Twinkie Lights—no, this is not a recipe for the latest ‘it’ dessert, but rather, some of the interesting numbers you have to know about a week’s performances of phenomenal techno colour entertaintment act, Blue Man Group, a.k.a the three bald and blue performers who have wowed over 35 million people across more than 20 countries with their fully immersive spectacle of a show that’s comedy, theater, rock concert, and dance party all in one.

Despite the absence of dialogue, this I will tell you: I’ve never seen a more innovative and exciting show than this. For starters, there are the fun and jaw-dropping ways of using those foodie favorites—interactive experiences that are just but some of the amazing things you’ll experience yourself when the Blue Man Group troops to Manila with their electrifying music, state-of-the-art technology, enthralling live band, and unique array of audience experiences. Presented by Globe, Blue Man Group Live in Manila is set to be the act’s best show yet, says Phil Stanton, one of its founding members.

“Our best show is the one audiences will see right here in Manila. We are continually honing our brand of stagecraft to finding the best expression of that original voice. The show they will see incorporates all we have learned, and represents our most up-to-date show in terms of the character’s unique fresh take on the way we all live today,” he notes.

Formed by three friends—Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman—25 years ago, Blue Man is all about the celebration of life (Blue Man = human), and aims to answer the ever pressing question, “What is essentially human?.” “Though we were not necessarily conscious of it at the time, we landed on three main areas: That people have the need to explore their own individual creativity through life; they need to continue to be curious; and that they need to feel part of a community,” adds Stanton.

And answer all these it does, immersing you in a world that will not only leave you in awe, but will also excite you and fire up your imagination, with their unpredictable yet relatable, feel-good acts and clever use of paint and sound effects and  mundane, everyday objects—making you appreciate life in all its crazy, unpredictable glory (watch out for the “Rock Concert Body Movements” act).

“We are thrilled to finally have the Blue Man Group perform in Manila and we are equally delighted to collaborate with them as we provide our customers more wonderful experiences. The group’s shows is truly something to look forward to and we hope Filipinos will have a great time watching them bring to life their unrivalled talent,” says Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan.

One more standout element of the Blue Man shows is the music—it’s really as if you’re in a rock concert, yet the tunes and mixes also evoke emotions we’re all too familiar with and like to indulge on (happiness, and energy, and warmth—all those memories of good times with people we love). “Being musicians we meet a lot of bands traveling in Asia, and most the bands that we meet are Filipino bands,” shares musical director Tony Aguirre. “And one thing I’ve noticed about all of them—they’re excellent, they’re awesome, they’re one of the best, world-class musicians I’ve ever met; some of the nicest people, too. So I think based on that fact alone, what seems to be a huge love of music and real interest in that part, I think [Filipinos] are going to love it.”

Blue Man Group original blue men and co-founders (L-R) Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman


Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the show music-wise is the segment called “Feast Making,” which involves another Blue Man signature: The interactive audience experience. It’s mostly free-flowing music, especially when the Blue Men are still scouting for the person who will participate in the act, and totally gives you a myriad of emotions, but mostly fun feels.

“There’s no sheet music. We’re just going. It’s not like we can just play anything, but we play music and improvise music that fits in this kind of Blue Men world. In that time, I guess, as a musician, as a creative person, that’s my favorite part. Every night it changes. So that’s a really satisfying time like when we get it right. You know we always get there and it’s always good but there’s some nights where the tension is built, the audience is all excited and you finally pick a person and it’s just comes together in an amazing way,” says Aguirre.

The night we caught the show in Macau, the chosen one was the Philippines’ very own Kaila Estrada (model and daughter of actors John Estrada and Janice de Belen). I’m not going to spoil the surprises the “Feast Making” act has in store, but all I can say is, even if you come out there all decked out fabulously for a night at the theatre, you will have a hard time resisting being game because it’s just too beautiful and fun to not enjoy participating in (Kaila sure did).


Of all the surprising things the Blue Man Group has up their sleeves, I ask Aguirre what he thinks will endear the show to Filipinos the most: “One of the most amazing things about the show and it still amazes me, you know after doing the show for so many years, is that the Blue Man character is understood by everybody. You don’t really know where they are from, but the most important part is that they are not from here. So the most amazing thing is just to have people watch the Blue Men experience the world and have a similar sensation like ‘Oh, I get that’ or ‘I feel like that all time’. We’re going to find the same things funny as they do. You’re going to be amazed at how much they can communicate without ever speaking.”

Manila, prepare to be amazed: The Blue Man Group is coming to town.


The Blue Man Group 2016 World Tour has already made its stops in Singapore, Macau, and now, they are bringing their iconic show to Manila, premiering on September 14 to 25 at The Theater at Solaire.Globe customers experience Wonderful as they get a 20% discount on tickets. Visit for more details. BLUE MAN GROUP is brought to Manila by Blue Man Productions Ltd, Lunchbox Theatrical Productions Ltd and Concertus Manila.


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