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Daily Diaries: Iñigo Pascual Lists Down His Recommendations For That All-Important First Date

Daily Diaries: Iñigo Pascual Lists Down His Recommendations For That All-Important First Date

Iñigo Pascual has grown to be a heartthrob like his father. [related: Fitspiration: Piolo and Iñigo Pascual, Hot Father and Son Workout Buddies]


His appeal resonates charm and hotness that's guaranteed to make girls melt with kilig. But sorry to his fans, but the 18-year-old actor is currently dating GirlTrends member, Kelley Day. Now that he's seeing someone, we wonder what it's like to date him—but we no longer need to. This cutie shares his recommendations for that first date, along with a few personal tips that can impress the apple of your eye!


1. Be adventurous! Don't stick to the typical movie-dinner date. Firsts are always memorable, so why not take it up a notch and go on an unexpected trip? "I don't stick to one place. I wanna keep trying something new," Iñigo says. Get creative and explore other date-friendly destinations!


2. But have some down time, too. "Ako kasi, if it's a first date, I want it to be chill. Not too stiff para we can use the time to get to know each other." So after a rollercoaster ride in a theme park, why not stroll by the park or sit at a bench exchanging stories about both of you under the stars? Perfect.



3. Cook for her! They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but this rings true for girls, too! Impress her by cooking your best lasagna or something bite-sized yet yummy like Iñigo's meatballs wrapped in bacon and mozzarella. 


4. Surprise her with a song. Nothing cheesier than serenading a girl—it adds gwapo points, and more if you really can sing. Bring your handy ukelele and sing a Bieber song or two. The late night practice will be worth it.


5. Take lots of photos! For keepsakes of your wonderful first date, get snap-happy and click away! [related: Daily Diaries: Miles Ocampo Shows You 10 Easy Ways to Capture Nature's Beauty]


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