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In Focus: Isabelle Daza, The Hands-On Bridechilla

In Focus: Isabelle Daza, The Hands-On Bridechilla

In a few days' time, another 'it' girl will walk down the aisle. Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat's wedding is one of the most awaited this year, and we're all sure looking forward to all those kilig moments on the wedding day itself!

But while we're waiting for The Day, let's take a moment and run through the pair's preparation—and what made it less stressful and more exciting for them. These might come in handy for your wedding soon! *wink*

In this photo, Belle is looking oh-so-fresh and pretty. But did you know that she took this selfie in the middle of securing wedding papers? Her long lashes, luminous skin, and bright smile—these are her secrets in looking positively glowing amidst the stress of document errands. So cop Belle and never leave the house without two swipes of mascara and a bit of lip & cheek tint!


She and soon-to-be hubby is ready for their 4th health check up here. Got to make sure all is well before the big day!


She planned the details of the wedding carefully... and ahead. Six weeks before The Day, her wedding paraphernalia were all ready! [related: The Six Fix: These Sweet Details About Isabelle and Adrien's Upcoming Wedding Will Make Your Day]


The couple visits the church, offering prayers for their happy-ever-after. They are not much in a worry—He'll guide and provide!


Belle—in her stylish two-piece ensemble—visits Belo to keep her skin in tip-top shape. Visit your derma regularly for a clear and blooming complexion!


She gets a hand in the preps from her sister and friends! Even simple things like helping design the souvenirs or looking for the photographer or catering service, it keeps the pressure off your shoulder. So don't hesitate to call them up when in need!


Of course, no wedding is complete without the bridal shower. Belle does hers in true 'it' girl fashion—inviting the whole gang in matching outfits and doing what they all love doing: Having fun! Celebrate your send-off like Belle and just schedule a day doing all crazy stuff with the best girls in your life. 


It helps if you already have your dream gown in mind. This way, it won't be such a hassle! Belle shares on Metro Weddings Magazine, "I tried three gowns on. On the fourth, I knew that that was it." The result? Her dress checked off her list in less than an hour! [related: Hot Stuff: A First Look at Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat in Wedding Attire]


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Photographs from Banner photograph from the Metro Weddings Facebook page: Photography by Pat Dy; Creative Direction by Trisha Chua-Juico; Set Design by Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Manila; Styling by Ana Lloren-Reyes; Assisted by Nio Manzano; Makeup Gela Laurel-Stehmeier; Hair Brent Sales; Nails Posh Nails; Gown Joey Samson; Shot on location at Whitespace Events Venue; Special thanks to Cris Villonco.




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