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In Focus: We All Need Natalie Portman’s Beauty Secret In Our Lives

In Focus: We All Need Natalie Portman’s Beauty Secret In Our Lives

In a world full of #BeautyGoals, choose to be a Natalie Portman: Classy but fierce, simple yet striking, and flawlessly beautiful—sans effort. The question is, how exactly do you do that? 

What makes the A-list star a total beauty peg—aside from her solid style game and killer looks—is her captivating smile, matched by Portman’s bold puckers and Rouge Dior’s lust-worthy lipstick line. So to channel your inner Natalie Portman, getting your hands on Christian Dior’s lippie gems is a must.



Legendary couture designer Christian Dior dreamed of “dressing women’s smiles” with a true red lipstick shade. And thus, the iconic Rogue Dior lipstick was born. Up to this day, Rouge Dior continuously modernizes its collection to match the changing tastes of women. Need proof? They recently included ultra-matte finish lipsticks in their palette. (Bless our lipstick-obsessed hearts.)


The new Rogue Dior collection features four color families: The ultra-contemporary red shades that scream #LadyBoss; vibrant corals that exude femininity and energy; pink shades for nailing that everyday look; rosewoods or nudes for that sexy yet timelessly elegant impression. 


Rogue Dior promises to make women “feel good, so good”; it offers 16 hours of comfortable wear to avoid dry lips or color streaking. The cosmetic line’s new formula includes a unique combo of lip-care ingredients that promise optimal comfort and lasting hold, whether in a matte or satin finish. 

The ingredients mango butter and Aroleat Samphira revitalize the lips, while Hyaluronic Acid Spheres fill the lips and prevent fine lines. Decox creates a volume effect on the lip surface, and Lipexel™ restores lipids. Painting all these goodness on your lips feel fab and light; thus, making your smile glamorous and radiant—real quick.



Pulling off that Natalie Portman look need not be complicated. Your breathtaking smile plus the perf lipstick = #BeautyGoals achieved, yes? 




Try Rouge Dior for yourself at the Dior Boutique, Ground Floor of SM Makati. For inquiries, contact +63906-2888780.


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