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Dining Delight: 8 Restaurants To Visit If You're Craving For A Matcha Fix

Dining Delight: 8 Restaurants To Visit If You're Craving For A Matcha Fix

The matcha craze is far from over—the Japan-hailed ingredient has turned out to be one of the most favored treats of Filipinos, whatever form it may take. For beginners, there's the Matcha Kitkat that we can't get enough of, then one after the other, different types of fares of matcha are created. Anyone familiar with matcha ice cream, matcha cheesecake, or matcha beer? It so happens that apart from the mentioned, there are more delights in this flavor—satisfy your Green Tooth in these restaurants who are part of Resorts World Manila's Matcha Festival this September!


1. Cafe Maxims. Fluffy and flaky green tea croissant paired with green tea latte? Sounds good to us! Located at G/F Maxims Hotel. [related: Kitchen Whiz: Here's An Exciting Way to Make Your Fave Croissant More Exciting]

Perfect Matcha


2. Ginzadon. They offer deep fried matcha ice cream, which is not like your usual ice cream on a bun—it's more delectable when fried to perfection! Located at G/F Maxims Hotel.

Deep Fried Matcha Ice Cream


3. Frank's. This restaurant went the savory route. How about matcha on a hotdog? A definite must-try! Located at G/F Gaming Area.



4. Crepes & Cream. Matcha with your choice of fresh fruits sing a perfect harmony—just pick between strawberry or peach. Oh, and it's topped with ice cream so expect a forkful of goodness with each helping. Located at 3/F Newport Mall.

Wild Strawberry Crepe


5. Kettle. Their masterpiece is a nice balance of salty and sweet—the Japanese-style fried chicken, apparently, tastes better with matcha-flavored waffle rather than the plain one. Located at 4/F Newport Mall. [related: Kitchen Whiz: Eat Waffle, Have Proteins]

Nori Fried Chicken and Matcha Waffle


6. Mr. Kurosawa. For non-matcha fans, a nice introduction would be in this Oreo-crusted cheesecake. You'll find a new favorite dessert for sure. Located at 3/F Newport Mall.

Oreo Crusted Kyoto Cheesecake


7. TWG Tea. Our favorite tea place offers matcha macarons that you can finish in one sitting with a nice cup of—you guessed it—green tea! Located at 17B Newport Mall.

Matcha Macarons


8. UCC Cafe. Instead of the usual creamy cheesecakes, theirs is fluffy that melts in the mouth. If you're more of a bread person though, their matcha toast will get your seal of approval. Located at 2/F Newport Mall.

Green Tea Mousse Cheesecake


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