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In Focus: Indie Inspiration From Dan Villegas, Paul Soriano, and Quark Henares

In Focus: Indie Inspiration From Dan Villegas, Paul Soriano, and Quark Henares

Everyone is born to tell a story. It isn't necessarily in the most literal senseit's not exclusive to people who live and breathe media. Everyone has a story to tell, whether you're still struggling to finish your college thesis or an ordinary commuter braving EDSA amidst the real struggles in weather and traffic every single day.

Everyone has a story to tell and this new indie film contest is about to change the spectrum in filmmaking. Tired of keeping all those ideas to yourself? Or are you itching to get your real-life experiences out there for all the people to see? Globe Studios has opened the doors for you.

The Globe Independent Film Festival (GIFF) is the new avenue for storytelling. Aspiring filmmakers can submit their short films showcasing their own creativity and innovative ways of expressing tales that people can relate to and tug at your heartstrings. "We know it's going thereeveryone's going digital," says Quark Henares. "We'd like to experiment on platform. We want them, the new generation of filmmakers; it’s a search for the best of the best." What's great about this competition is it's not limited to film students or enthusiastseveryone gets a fair chance because whipping out your phones (or DSLRs) to shoot your first footages can be the beginning of creating a film. 

For your dose of inspiration, start the FIYAH within by watching GIFF's five laudable short films led by five esteemed Filipino directors:


Stop. Steady. Sayaw. by Dan Villegas. If your inspiration is your broken heart, this Angelica Panganiban-starrer will get your hugot game on the pendulum. [related: The Six Fix: #HugotPaMore with the Latest from Angelica Panganiban's Feels Files]


Beshie by Bb. Joyce Bernal. If you're still waiting for the one, watching this film might make you realize where your heart really is.


How to Find Love by Quark Henares. Dating in the digital timeshow much can you relate?


Ang Painting ni Tatay by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. Family appreciation. Try not to cry in its six-minute duration.


An Open Door by Paul Soriano. Showcasing who Filipinos truly are. [related: The Six Fix: These Top Finds at RepubLokal Showcase Filipino Ingenuity at its Finest]


Interested in giving film making a shot? These directors share what it takes to be a filmmaker:

Quark Henares. "Just be a filmmaker. It's that easy. Sabi nga ni Dan, Art lang ng art."

Dan Villegas. "Gawa lang ng gawa. Submit lang ng submit [sa film competitions]. At dapat love mo 'yung story mo."

Paul Soriano. "It's not really about the cameras you use. It's just about telling a story and that’s what you gotta do."


For more details about the contest, visit In addition to the major film categories, GIFF also launches another program: “The Globe 5-Minute Video Challenge," find out more about it by visiting  


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Photograph screengrabbed from Globe Studios' Youtube channel




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