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In Focus: The Best Lessons Storage Wars' Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz Learned From Their Jobs

In Focus: The Best Lessons Storage Wars' Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz Learned From Their Jobs

“We spend the same amount of money, but the quality of the units that we buy now is a hundred times better than the ones we originally buy back in season 1,” shared storage locker buyer and TV personality Jarrod Schulz, the other half of the most prominent couple on the reality show Storage Wars, alongside Brandi Passante.

Outside of the show (which is now on its 9th season), Passante and Schulz spend time with their two children, and manage their own thrift shop named Now and Then. Being together for 17 years and being “married to the job” literally (which is also the name of their own original series), the couple surely has a wealth of learnings we can benefit from so we asked them about success, family life, and other things in between:


1. Have a basic knowledge of everything. As their job (both in the show and in real life) focus on finding unusual treasures in different places, Schulz said that it pays to do research on a daily basis because they will never know what item they would stumble upon.

“Everything from jewelry to furniture, to collectible lamps, to watches, to glasses. We have to know a little bit so that we can make our best guess as to what’s valuable,” Schulz explains.


2. Love your job, but don’t forget your family. As Passante and Schulz have two children, namely Payton and Camren, both make sure they have time for them even if their job can get time-consuming. “We work together, and we live together for 24 hours a day, so we find a balance,” Passante said. “We have to leave our workday at the door when we come home.”

A proof of their work-life balance? A peek into Schulz and Passante’s Instagram accounts shows how they enjoy life with their children outside of work.


3. Operating a thrift store entails hard work. Both Passante and Schulz are thankful that their children are not following their footsteps. “They’re gonna do something different with their life and I’m really supportive of that decision,” Schulz said. “I mean it is fun, it is exciting, but more than that, it is hours and hours of hard work,” Schulz explains, adding that aside from their children getting curious about some unique items in their shop, they have yet to show any interest in learning the ropes of the thrift shop business.


4. Depend on each other when it comes to decision-making. Be it choosing which storage room to bid for or other important life decisions, it is important to listen to the opinion of one another. “We walk to the side and discuss what we [saw]; we definitely see through different eyes,” Schulz said.


While Passante would describe Schulz as “poking the bear” at times, Schulz would consult with his partner as much as possible to avoid making bad decisions. “I try to avoid miscalculating as much as possible, but I’m definitely a risk taker,” he adds.


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