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Dining Delight: Have You Ever Heard Of Aburi Sushi?

Dining Delight: Have You Ever Heard Of Aburi Sushi?

There is something with the word “exclusive” that excites us. Perhaps it’s the idea of getting something that not everyone can have that is, in some way, making us feel special, cool even. And this Japanese resto in the very busy Oritgas Business District, offers its guests a slew of exclusive dining delights.

Nestled at the heart of Ortigas at the ground floor of the very posh Astoria Plaza, Minami Saki by Astoria aims to elevate their guests’ gastronomic experience with their more refined take on Japanese cuisine through their signature dishes that Executive Chef Kimito Katagiri delicately constructed. “This year, we went back to our roots and rediscovered what it meant to deliver authentic fine Japanese dining,” says Business Development Executive Jackie Ng.

One of Minami Saki’s well-loved dishes is Aburi Sushi, which gives a mouthwatering combination of flavors through Chef Katagiri’s special aburi sauce that blankets Hamachi, salmon, tuna, eel, and lapu-lapu sushi before being lightly torched to perfection to enhance the natural flavor of both the sashimi and the sauce, then garnished with salty fly-fish roe and sweet fruit to finish it off.

Aburi Sushi

For all the oyster lovers out there, Minami Saki’s Kaki Papaya Yaki is a definite must-try. It’s a trio of Japanese oysters laid on a papaya bed, grilled and lightly brushed with miso, and torched to further intensify the contrasting flavors of the sweet papaya and salty notes of the oysters fuse together with the special aburi sauce, making this dish a real winner!

Kaki Papaya Yaki


Another dish that we would really recommend for first-timers is the Scallops with Tamago sauce. The saltiness of the pan-seared scallops enveloped in a rich, creamy Japanese-style egg yolk sauce cooked to achieve proper caramelization, is balanced by the sweetness of the Tamago sauce.

Scallops with Tamago sauce

After trying their signature dishes, you might think you’re full and had enough but the saying “There’s always room for dessert” will prove you wrong, and you can expect Minami Saki to come up with interesting mix of sweets, like their Wasabi Crème Brulee for example. We know what you're thinking, wasabi for dessert? Well this velvety, vanilla-infused custard flavored with wasabi picquantly blends the sweetness, creaminess, and spiciness suprisingly well, making for a truly sweet ending.

Wasabi Crème Brulee

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Minami Saki by Astoria is located at the ground floor of Astoria Plaza, 15 J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Business Dstrict, Pasig city. For table reservations, please call 687-1111. For more information, you ay visit, Facebook/minamisakibyastroia.





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