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In Focus: Piolo Pascual Will Show You What To Eat Should You Find Yourself In Osaka

In Focus: Piolo Pascual Will Show You What To Eat Should You Find Yourself In Osaka

For a big foodie like Piolo Pascual, food crawling the streets of Osaka, Japan is one exciting and unforgettable opportunity of a lifetime.

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With co-host Lui Villaruz


“The whole experience was really interesting. I discovered a lot about Japan that I didn’t know before,” he shares about this hosting gig for Lifestyle TV's newest series called The Crawl. With his deep appreciation for food, he’s the perfect choice to go on a gastronomical adventure that will take us from street specialties to restaurant fare of the locality. Plus, Japanese cuisine has always been his favorite ever since he’s a kid.

He went on to share a bit of his epic expedition in search for the best of the best of Osaka. For one, the city, aside from its great attractions (wander to tourist-popular HEP Five Ferris Wheel, Universal Studios and Osaka Castle, or to lesser populated parks and museums), is a boiling pot for the best delights and options for all types of foodies.

Piolo also tells how cooking is very different in this part of the world. You’ll be surprised how a single dish has a variety of ways of cooking itfrom choice of cooking techniques to choice of ingredients.


But more than watching natives cook the food the way they do it, it’s the actual eating that will convince you that when it comes to food, Osaka, indeed, is the place to be. His top choices? “Ramen. I don’t like pork much, but they do it really good there. Also, I specifically like Takoyaki. And Okonomiyaki, which I only discovered recently.”

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If Papa P isn’t enough to get you smitten away, bet once you’ve traveled to the great city of Osaka, you’ll be smitten as much as he is. Book that flight there soon, yes? But meanwhile, catch the premiere episode of Lifestyle TV's The Crawl this Saturday, September 3, at 9.30 PM!


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Photographs by Gio Vibar




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