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In Focus: These Items At History Con Are Total Treasures

In Focus: These Items At History Con Are Total Treasures

From August 25 to 28, Manila made history, and showcased these interesting bits from past generations during the first-ever History Con at the World Trade Center. Aside from the activities, games, and talks from History Channel shows Ancient Aliens, Storage Wars, Photo Face Off, Gangland Undercover, and Celebrity Car Wars, History Con housed several interesting items from its various booths that sparked the curiosity of anyone, non-history aficionados included:


1. The presidential limousines that were on display. Among the major highlights of History Con were the presidential limousines on display, which gave visitors a peek into the lives of past Philippine Presidents. On exhibit were the cars of presidents Emilio Aguinaldo, Jose Laurel, and Ramon Magsaysay. 

Pres. Jose Laurel's Packard 180 Limousine


 Pres. Ramon Magsaysay's Cadillac Fleetwood 75


2. This stall displaying various items from yesteryears. Thrift stores are like living time machines: They have various items that will spark the curiosity of anyone. Be it old paper money, vintage radios, or old posters, they give us a glimpse of how life was back then. In case you were wondering, all of the items on display in these stalls are for sale.

That hoverboard and those boom boxes perfectly represent pop culture in the 1980s.


3. A vintage Leica IIF camera in brass and crocodile skin leather. Amidst the various items that were being sold from the various thrift shop booths at History Con, this old Leica camera got our attention. Made in the 1950s, the almost mint condition of the camera is testament to excellent German craftsmanship that Leica is well-known for. 

With a six-digit asking price, this camera is more of a museum piece than a workhorse (though close examination of the camera shows that it still works; just load a roll of film and start shooting).


4. This meticulously-restored Buick from the late 1940s. It's rare nowadays to spot fully restored vehicles like this, and this particular car is a standout because of the amount of work done to bring it back to showroom-grade condition. A quick trivia: This car is a personal favorite of Alfred Perez (the owner of Alfred's Motor Works, the group behind the restoration of the said car), and it has won the Best Show Car Award at the Trans Sport Show 2009.

This 68-year old car is a definite stunner!


5. A '50s-era Sarao jeep. Jeepneys are one of our main modes of transportations, but did you know that jeepneys back in the 1950s were roughly half the size of the jeepneys we see on the road today? On exhibit during History Con was this period-correct jeepney, which looked like it has never hit the road.

One would definitely love to go on a roadtrip with these cute jeepneys.


6. A lot of bicycles from the 1940s and 1950s. A good number of people embracing the healthy lifestyle would resort to biking, so it is noteworthy to see these America-made bikes on display during the event. From unrestored to fully restored models (complete with some of their original advertisements), these bicycles best showcase people's love for cycling around the city.

With Metro Manila traffic becoming unbearable these days, we just wish to see more of these on the road. 


7. These antique religious icons. Exhibits involving antiques and thrift shops are not complete without a selection of decades-old religious icons, crafted from wood. In various shapes and sizes, these serve as good decorative pieces for any home if you want to channel a bit of that rustic vibe.

  We are not sure though if there are "spirits" within these decades-old religious icons. *fingers crossed*


8. A familiar Heneral Luna prop. Those who have watched 2015's sleeper hit will instantly recognize this box containing flags. In fact, this box resembles the same one Antonio Luna used in the movie in planning his next move against the Americans.

 Antonio Luna (played by John Arcilla in the movie Heneral Luna) used something similar in one of the scenes in the critically-acclaimed film. 


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