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In Focus: JaDine’s Reel And Real Love Journey From San Francisco To Santorini

In Focus: JaDine’s Reel And Real Love Journey From San Francisco To Santorini

Falling in love with your best friend is almost inevitable. It’s hard not to especially when you spend a lot of time together, sometimes even at work. That’s probably why it didn’t come as a big surprise when Nadine Lustre and James Reid, one of today’s hottest love teams, admitted that they are indeed a couple.


Just like other couples that started as out as friends, James and Nadine just didn’t seem to hit it off right away. Ever since their first movie together Diary Ng Panget reached unprecedented blockbuster success back in 2014, rumors of a brewing romance between the two just kept on circulating. But even though the two young stars have been quite adamant about all the speculations on the real score between them, their chemistry on-screen, however, has always been undeniable.


Despite their growing fan base, James and Nadine’s friendship still appears to be nothing but that, friends. That is until their first teleserye on ABS-CBN On The Wings Of Love (OTWOL), that things between the two have seemed to change. Shot mostly in the US (San Francisco to be exact), OTWOL skyrocketed James and Nadine's careers to a whole new level, establishing them as household names. The two spent way more time together, and bonded a lot more when they were shooting in San Francisco. It was also around this time, that their platonic friendship took a different turn, one that their legions of followers have long foreseen.

Until finally, during their JaDine In Love concert, James told Nadine that he loves her, in front of their millions of fans, later confirming that they have indeed become a couple.


In a special episode of OTWOL entitled On The Wings Of Love Achieved Reel to Real, James and Nadine recalled how it all came about. James shares “It was February 11, which was before the concert that I first told her that I love her.” Surrounded by bottles of wine, in what seems to be a cellar, James finally confessed his feelings for Nadine who was speechless for a while. And when James asked her to say something, her only reply was “Kilig ako.”

A photo Nadine posted on her Instagram account captured the night they became a couple, with the caption "02.11.16 ??"

It’s safe to say that OTWOL paved the way for the two to get to know each other more, and of all the scenes that they’ve shot in the US, James recalls the one that he will never forget. “All the moments in Lake Tahoe, because it was then that I was actually really in love with her.”

One of the OTWOL scenes taken in Lake Tahoe

What seems to make their relationship work is that it wasn’t forced. They let it happen naturally. By taking their time, they have gotten to know each other more as friends. And when they have finally fallen in love with each other, everything just fell into place. Which probably explains why their love team appeals so much to the fans, as they let it blossom from reel to real in its own perfect timing, thus being dubbed as Team Real. In an interview with Bandila, James said “She was my best friend before anything else. I can be my 100% silly, weird James when I’m with her. And no one understands me more than she does.”


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From San Francisco, James and Nadine are taking us to another part of the world—Greece. The two flew to this picturesque country to shoot majority of the scenes in their teleserye comeback Till I Met You, which will tell a whole new story of discovering love set against the romantic Grecian territory.


 JaDine enjoying the picturesque country of Greece


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