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The Six Fix: The Cool Things We Came Across At This Year's Asia Pop Comic Con

The Six Fix: The Cool Things We Came Across At This Year's Asia Pop Comic Con

Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC) made its return this year, and brought together everyone who loves comic books, toys, TV series, movies, books, and anything pop culture from April 26-28 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. 

Aside from the guesting of Hollywood stars Claire Holt, Nicolas Hoult, Joe Dempsie, and Millie Bobby Brown, here are the other cool things we have come across during the three-day convention:


1. The cosplayers. A few of those who attended dressed up as their favorite characters, and we marvel at the efforts these people put into their costumes. Characters like Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven (from Stranger Things) and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad) were popular choices for the visitors attending APCC.

Among thre costumes that caught our attention include a guy sporting a Flash outfit that closely resembles the costume Hollywood actor Grant Gustin wears in the TV series The Flash. Also noteworthy was this girl who wore a Spider-Gwen (also known as Spider-Woman) outfit. 


Eleven's character is so popular, even guys were more than game to channel Brown's role, complete with facial expressions and all. Also, a good number of girls (including Myrtle Sarrosa), dressed up as Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel, a sign that people are looking forward to seeing Brie Larson take on the role in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie.


2. The artists present. Notable comic book artists such as Mike Zeck, Ken Lashley, and Whilce Portacio were present at the event to sign comic books they have made through the years.

Veteran comic book artist Mike Zeck may not be as active in drawing comics like before, but it was a sight to see people line up to his booth, asking several copies of GI Joe comics (from the 80s) to be autographed by Zeck himself.


Whilce Portacio was more than happy to see people come up to his booth and have copies of X-Men comics he has made in the 1990s signed by himself. "What inspires them is what I did back then meant something big [to my fans]," he said in an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle.


3. The toys. APCC would not be complete if it did not feature toys from various companies. Be it die-scale models, Funko Pops, or scaled-down statues of popular comic book characters, APCC has a vast number of items for sale (or for admiration) for its visitors.

Funko Pops are so popular among the crowd, there were a few booths that offered customization of these vinyl toys, which included personalized versions featuring yourself as a Funko Pop toy!


Avid fans were mesmerized by the details on these statues. Though they are pricey (costing upwards of P10,000), they definitely look good on the shelves of your typical geek.


4. The activities. Aside from toys and cosplayers, visitors got to sweat things out, through a human foosball and by trying to be a ninja even for just a few minutes. Gamers and card players are not left out: There were booths for those who are into online gaming (mostly DoTA 2) and card games (Magic: The Gathering).

How to make foosball more fun and exciting? By playing a life-sized version of it, no less!


Those who wanted to channel their inner ninja got a chance to do so, with mentoring from the staff members of Ninja Academy. 


5. This Pikachu-themed SUV. In the vast area of SMX Convention Center, this particular monster SUV caught the attention of a good number of visitors for having an all-out Pokemon theme, channeling Pikachu. Details like the Poke ball wheel caps and Pikachu-themed antenna, along with its yellow paintjob, were enough to make it stand out and be noticed by everyone, whether they are Pokemon fans or not. 

How kewl is this???


6. The presence of the 501st Legion. Satisfying every Star Wars fan (or any geek for that matter) during the APCC was the participation of the 501st legion for the whole duration of the event. Picture this, as one roamed around the event grounds, a Storm Trooper walks around, ensuring the safety (and the happiness) of everyone. They're even friendly too, as they accommodated photo op requests from several guests.

Storm troopers of all shapes, sizes, and variants from various Star Wars storylines. Geekgasm indeed!

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