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Daily Diaries: 10 "Dolce Amore" Scenes That Gave Us The Giddiest Feels

Daily Diaries: 10

Before we bid Serena Marchesa and Tenten Ibarra goodbye, let’s take a look back at some of their most kilig moments that gave us all the feels:


1. First Date. First dates are meant to be memorable regardless of its grandeur. And for their first date, Tenten took Serena (or Terena as he used to call her when he was having difficulty with his pronunciation) to different sites in Manila, like Paco Park and the Church of San Sebastian. But Serena, being the sophisticated young Italian lady that she is, wasn’t so impressed, prompting Tenten to step up his game.


2. Tenten's Song. This is one of the top kilig moments of Serena and Tenten that really made us root for them even more. In this scene, Serena convinced Tenten to let her hear the song he wrote, after which she asked Tenten to teach her how to play it with a guitar. The lyrics to Tenten's song goes like this, “Kung di magkatagpo mundo natin nasa magkabilang dulo, at kung tayo magkatagpo at muling magkalayo..."    


3. Late Night Calls. Admit it or not, getting a call from your crush just before you go to sleep gets you kilig all the time. It makes you feel special to say the very least. And Tenten and Serena are no strangers to that feeling. Tenten couldn't hide his excitement when he got a call in the middle of the night from Serena!



4. The First Dance. Remember when Serena walked out when Tenten didn’t ask her to dance with him? Well Tenten was quick to apologize telling her that if only he could only go back in time he would definitely ask her, to which Serena replied, “Hindi mo naman kailangan ibalik ang panahon. We can still dance.” And they did, right then and there in the forest. How romantic!



5. The Goodnight Kiss. Who can ever forget that one scene wherein Serena gave Tenten a kiss on both cheeks to cap off a special night. The kilig radiated from Tenten’s face, right to ours.


6. True love waits. This scene proves that true love waits. Even when Serena's parents, particularly her mom Luciana, tried to stop their blossoming relationship, it didn't really stop Tenten from professing his love for Serena and a promise to wait for her. “Alam mo yung natutunan ko Serena, wala naman tamang panahaon o pagkakataon kasi pagdating sa'yo promise maghihintay talaga ako. Maghihintay ako Serena, promise yun ha.”


7. The Day She Said I love You. This one is for the books. In this scene, Serena admits to Tenten that he loves him, which puts Tenten in such a state of bliss.


8. The Proposal. Surrounded by trees, with fireflies flying around illuminating the night, Tenten was about to propose to Serena but even before he was able pop the big question, Serena gave him her "Yes". 


9. The Selosan moments. Serena and Tenten had their fair share of selosan moments, too. Whether it was with Sarah or River, the reaction of the other is just priceless. 



10. When Serena Got Carried Away. In this really cute scene, Serena got carried away with the movie that she unexpectedly hugs Tenten, to the latter's delight.


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