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In Focus: How Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Inspire Us to Level Up Our Adventures

In Focus: How Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Inspire Us to Level Up Our Adventures

Three days ago, Anne Curtis shared on Instagram a preview of her recent adventure in Japan with long-time beau, and in her words, “fave adventure buddy” Erwan Heussaff. Usually opting to keep most of her personal life private, just posting a few photos here and there of her moments with Erwan, this is the first time Anne gave her followers and fans an extensive look at her and Erwan’s couple time. This video is also extra special, because it’s Erwan himself who edited it.

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While Anne and Erwan would only share glimpses of their travels with each other online, each and every post just takes our breath away—not just because of how good-looking this couple is, but also because of their adventurous spirits and unique take on the world. Who wouldn’t be envious of all the places they’ve been to? But, if anything, these two just truly inspires us to get out of our comfort zones and travel and see the world in the truest sense.

How do Anne and Erwan fuel our wanderlust and inspire us to level up our adventures (if not hop on the next bus/plane/boat to a picturesque destination)? We count the ways (and their uber kilig moments):

1. They make each and every moment count. This video of their Fuji Rock Festival 2016 experience clearly shows that these two know how to be in the moment. They may be first-timers in the festival but they were able to experience it to the fullest through careful planning and by basking in each moment.


2. They find beauty in the most mundane things. In their trip around Europe this year following Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's wedding, one of Anne and Erwan's stops was Berlin, and while they had photos by the most picturesque spots, they also didn't shy away from the roads less traveled (and backgrounds less photographed) like this wall with random graffitti.


3. They don't care if it's scorching hot outside! And yes, not just at the beach. This couple knows how to enjoy the sunshine and literally enjoy a day out on the grass. Their adventurous spirts are up and about no matter the weather (remember their trip to Argentina in the freeezing cold of winter?). P.S. We do understand the concern for getting sunburned, but that's what sunbblock is for, right?


4. They show that you can totally dress down for trips. They're two of the most stylish personalities in the country today and supplier of the best OOTDs on Instagram, but Anne and Erwan don't always dress to impress when traveling. Comfort is key to make the most of your adventures.

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5. They can go from a high energy music festival to a low key quiet moment by the water. Because sometimes, just being next to each other amidst quiet is romantic enough.


6. They never run out of ideas for photos! Whether solo OOTDs or couple shots, this pair has an eye for the best backgrounds and themes.


7. They're totally like all of us other travelers, too! They plan their trips well and document the moments so they have lots to look back on. Not so hard for us mere mortals, eh?


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