In Focus: Gone Wireless To The Fullest

In Focus: Gone Wireless To The Fullest

It can be argued that music is man’s best friend as it gets you in the zone most of the time, helping you focus on whatever it is that you're doing, be it at work, on the road, or even in the gym, as music also fuels your workout, which explains why people normally put on their headphones when they break a sweat. There is, however, the one little glitch that always gets in the way— the wires. It is one of the things that we deal with in our everyday life that we just want to let go, only if we can. 

The hassle of having to take unnecessary pauses during our workout just to untangle all the wires, is something that a lot of us for sure encounter regularly. But it doesn't go unnoticed. Over the years, many companies have recognized this tiny bit of issue and addressed it by coming up with their own line of wireless products that's supposedly the answer to this common dilemma. 

“We’re moving towards a wireless age, and we recognize that nobody wants to be physically restricted. That is the beauty of technology. We continue to innovate and address the needs of our consumers,” says Digits CEO Charles Paw.



American Telecommunications company Motorola is one of the first that has really strived to provide freedom and flexibility to their consumers, by launching products that allow people, whether they’re tech buffs or not, to work or move around without any restraints, which is what we need right now to keep up with our fast-paced lives. They've recently launched the Motorola VerveLife line of products that includes HD wireless headphones with the first true wireless earbuds that is sweat and water proof! It can also last up 12 hours of playtime: Yes, that means we're good for most of part of the day without having to charge it. "With Motorola VerveLife, we are creating more than just gadgets, but adventure companions you can always rely on.” says Paw.

As we move into the digital age where there is nothing that technology can't do, we have seen how things are changing rapidly towards a new era where wires are no longer needed. There's the wireless mouse, for example, that allows us to navigate our computers without the limits set by the length of the cord. There is also the growing trend of wireless chargers and power banks, that's both handy and convenient, and really make our lives easier, because as Paw explains, “Technology is meant to enhance everyday living, not limit it."


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Banner and inside photographs are courtesy of Motorola VerveLife




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