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Trending Pick of the Week: Sushi Lover or Not, This To-Go Sushi Bar Will Leave You Wanting More

Trending Pick of the Week: Sushi Lover or Not, This To-Go Sushi Bar Will Leave You Wanting More

When you think of Japanese food, sushi is one of the first that pops into mind along with tempura, tonkatsu, and ramen. But while it has become one of the more popular Japanese dishes, not everyone is into sushi for different reasons. There’s this new sushi place, however, that might just actually change your mind.


Taking pride as the first to-go sushi bar in the country, Sushi Nori aims to break the rules of traditional Japanese and make it all fun and casual, nothing too fancy, which frankly how most of us perceives it. It all started when the sushi rolls in her first brand with her mom Shiela Romero (ROKU Sushi + Ramen) became widely popular, that Milka Romero, Managing Director of Sushi Nori, felt compelled to branch out with a sushi bar that serves mouthwatering fusion rolls that are not only accessible but, most importantly, affordable without compromising the taste and quality.

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Two things that Sushi Nori really takes into consideration: Their customer’s taste and budget. And whether you’re a sushi lover or not, it would be really hard not to fall in love with it. With over 26 different flavors of sushi to choose from, there will, no doubt, be something that will suit your palate and will make you crave for it, time and time again. There are two ways that it can be rolled: There’s Fusion Temaki, which is basically like Japanese Burrito (tastes as heavenly as it sounds!), and the more widely-known Sushi Roll cut into six pieces.



Now if you’re new to sushi, we suggest that you go for the classic favorites California Maki and Crazy Kani, you’ll find the flavors somehow familiar and will definitely suit your palate. If you’re a traditional sushi lover, however, their Tuna and Salmon roll, is something that you shouldn't miss. And if you’re up for some fun adventure, then we highly recommend that you try their original creations such as Sushi Dreams (Salmon, Kani, Cream Cheese, topped with Teriyaki Sauce and Tempura flakes) and Sushi Samba (Spicy Salmon, topped with refreshing Mango Salsa). If that's not enough to whet your appetite, I don't know what will.


And if you're one of those that don't really mind splurging a little bit (because who wouldn’t, right?), indulge yourself on Sushi Nori's premium range of flavors that includes OMG, Godzilla, and Super Cali, which consist of premium ingredients such as special Aburi sauce, Blow-Torched Salmon, and Unagi Teriyaki.


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Sushi Nori is located at Level 4, Food on Four SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. Contact: +6936-2617016; and at Level 5, Mega Food Hall SM Mega Fashion Hall. Contact: +63936 261 6991.  










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