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The Six Fix: Inspiring Gretchen Ho Ways for Boyish Ladies To Be Ladylike, Too

The Six Fix: Inspiring Gretchen Ho Ways for Boyish Ladies To Be Ladylike, Too

Dude. Pare. Boi. Man. 'Tol.

You're a girl yet these are what your friends call you. Well, you sometimes (uh, mostly) do act like a boybasketball cap on, unruly hair, boyish stance, natural look a.k.a no makeup at all (!!!), name it. And while deciding to tie your hair up or wear sandals crosses your mind, nah, you'd rather wear comfy or go home. There's nothing wrong with thatbut there will come a time when you'll get tired of being called "dude." (e.g. when crush tells you, "It's what I like about youyou're my best dude among my friends." Ouch. #dudezoned)

But the good news is you can still change. It's never too late to be ladylike the way you want itand watch your barkada drop their jaws upon your transformation a la Kathryn Bernardo in Must Be Love. But for those past teenage years, we have volleyball star and host Gretchen Ho as your pegcue in her ways on how to unleash the woman inside you.

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1. Start with the basic pampering. Has callus been a long-standing problem due to endless hours you spend on court? Give your feet some love and turn your footsies into soft-to-touch finish, like Gretchen. If you're too shy to head to the salon, ask your mom or your girl best friend to join you. While you're there, get a manicure, toothen go inside the hair salon next door for a cut and treatment. If all these are too much, start at home by slathering lotion lavishly all over your body or give it a good scrub in the shower.


2. Value dressing up. "Not only do you look better, you also feel more confident in facing the world," she shares in this Instagram post. You can screengrab her outfits on her account and use it as pegs when you shop for new clothes. Wardrobe makeover: Must!



3. Trade your sneakers for sandals. If heels are too much, get a pair with a little elevation at least. Or cop this beauty and go extra chic with pointy-toed shoes!


4. Make athleisure look fasyon. Throw out your large t-shirts and opt for well-fitting sports pieces—a colorful sports bra for your next game, why not?

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5. Glam up a bit. If makeup is not your thing right now, wait until you try it. Basics firstGretchen is always active so a fresh and au naturelle look is necessary. Dab on BB cream or tinted moisturizer for your base, curl your lashes to open up your eyes, and add two or three swipes of glossdone! So, how does it look? Prettier, yes?


6. Do girl stuff every once in a while. Gretchen does "mowdelling" herefar from the athletic activities she usually does. Bring out your kikay selfdon't be shy because girl, you're a girl! So yes, it's totally okay to hang out at a beauty store to try out their goodies or pass up a match for a slumber party with your favorite cousins.


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