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Love Actually: Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga, More Than Just Best Friends

Love Actually: Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga, More Than Just Best Friends

What is it like, falling for a friend?

Many can relateloving a friend in way more than just friends is maybe one of the hardest situations one can encounter. But for those who have survived and conqueredloving your friend-turned-lover is the easiest thing in the world. Perks? You know them from head to toe, spending time together with your other friends isn't awkward, your family knows them, you can read their moods and you always will have someone you trust to share your thoughts and secrets with.

One celebrity pair didn't escape the eyes of the public. Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga, although they didn't confirm what the status of their relationship is, are, in a way, showing signs that their friendship is becoming more than just the usual boy-and-girl bond. One is Sofia's admission that she likes being with him.


Two, are these sweet Instagram posts by the two.


i'm happy when i'm with you• 

A photo posted by Sofia Louise Alejandre Andres (@iamsofiaandres) on T



3 words 8 letters

A photo posted by Diego Loyzaga Montano (@diegoloyzaga) on


Three, and one that made all shippers of the couple ecstatic is this post.


Dyosa ng buhay ko ??

A photo posted by Diego Loyzaga Montano (@diegoloyzaga) on


Whether they're really just friends, or in the MU stage, or are already together, these two just look perfect together. Theirs may be a love story budding at the moment, but we can't help but get inspired. We totally agree with what Diego Loyzaga retweeted:

So what is it really like, falling for a friend? Here's what it's like for Sofia and Diego.


You can fully be yourself around him, no judgment.


You have someone to do your hobbies with. Like unlimited photo ops. [related: Cheat Sheet: Talking the Perfect Selfie, Sofia Andres Style]


You can't call each other mine? Have a special nickname fo each other. Like Johnny or Winona. Or Bub. [related: The Six Fix: Celebrity Hottie Approved Ways to Level Up Your Showcase of Affection to Your Lady Love]


No shame lambing moments.


You have someone special placed in your heart. And it feels good. And it's the only thing that should matter.



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