In Focus: A Glimpse of Easy Modern Living Maja Salvador Style through Her Family Home in Antipolo

In Focus: A Glimpse of Easy Modern Living Maja Salvador Style through Her Family Home in Antipolo



Featuring high ceilings, a spacious garden, lanai, entertainment area, and walk-in closet housing Maja’s large collection of clothes and shoes, Maja Salvador's family home in Antipolo has no hint of pretense. It's cool and homey, the kind that would welcome you with open arms, much like Maja's honest-to-goodness, friendly personality.

With its earth tones and plants giving the home a nature-like ambiance that's pleasing to the eyes, the facade of Maja's house is a greay indication of the warmth of the people inhabiting it.


Cultivating plants at home doesn't only make for good aesthetics, but also helps in improving the quality of the air you breathe.


The "dance princess" gave her fans a preview of her home in the October 2012 issue of StarStudio magazine, sharing the backstory behind its various details. The black and white color scheme was specifically chosen by Maja; the use of both colors helped in creating an illusion of a spacious area inside the house, an element crucial to good feng shui. The use of red as an accent color, on the other hand, was a decision made by Maja's mother, Thelma Andres, and added sophistication to the living room area: An apt color combination to go with the custom-made couches.

The abstract paintings hung on the living room's walls are by interior designer Janet Torio.


Mommy Thelma's choice of using red as an accent color complements the image of a golden dragon found on one side of the living room's wall. Maja explains to Starstudio magazine that they decided to add such design to bring good luck to them as per feng shui.  

With the dragon being Maja's zodiac sign, this image of a golden dragon, along with other charms on display, is said to attract good luck to her and her family.


While the house is decked in mostly black and white, their entertainment area made use of a different color palette, using various shades of green to complement Maja's portraits taken through the years, and also to introduce a relaxing vibe to anyone staying in the room.

Anyone visiting their entertainment room will notice Maja's portraits, which serves as a reminder of the different phases of her career.  
 Among the highlights of Maja's walk-in closet is this shoe room, where white shelves are filled up with various footwear, all arranged by type and color. 


While Maja is living on her own at a condo in Taguig since 2012, the way she made use of good feng shui at their family home in Antipolo, along with her strong faith in God, are factors to her colorful career.


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Banner photograph by William Ong for Starstudio Magazine.






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