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Daily Diaries: The Many Ways Liza Soberano Is Making the World Fall in Love with Her

Daily Diaries: The Many Ways Liza Soberano Is Making the World Fall in Love with Her

By now we all know this for sure: No one is immune to Liza Soberano's stunning beauty. With one look at her ethereal features, effervescent charm, and all, it's easy to see why she has easily captured the attention of even those from other races; why Charlie Puth was instantly smitten;  and why Selena Gomez, so gorgeous herself, was impressed by her beauty.

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Recently, Facebook page Kapamilya Community posted this video compiling the different ways people admire Liza:



Well, there are way more times Miss Soberano made the world fall in love with her...


1. When The Vamps’ James McAvoy invited Liza for a series of YouTube videos. In a presscon, Liza shared that McAvoy asked her once to be part of his YouTube videos. Though it has not pushed through yet (as both have hectic schedules), it’s really, really interesting to note that a major foreign artist wants to collaborate with Liza. And know that got the world asking, "Who is this Liza Soberano?".


2. Her world-class videos. Who would've thought can look this enticing?


3. Her old photos that circulated on social media. What did Youtuber WhatsUpKevin have to say about Liza’s old photos? “Napaka-ganda mo pa rin kahit kamukha mo si Tarzan,” he said about one of Liza’s photos during her younger years.



4. When she pretended to be a barista for a campaign. A pretty girl who can whip up a mean coffee? Total win! No wonder the customers in this cafe were just shocked to see Liza serving coffee and tea to them.



5. When radio icons just can't help but gush about her beauty. On the January 22, 2015 episode of The Morning Rush, Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor recounted the time when they saw Liza during her earlier days in showbiz, and kept on gushing about how beautiful she is.    


6. When even Americans swooned over Liza’s beauty (and Instagram feed). “She a confident, independent woman,” said one of the Americans as he viewed Liza’s Instagram account. “There’s more to her than just selfies,” said another, after seeing Liza post a photo of retired NBA Star Kobe Bryant on her Instagram page. 


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Banner photograph by Shaira Luna for Metro Magazine.




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